What Does Yoga Do For Weight Loss?

The increasing popularity of health and wellness surged in the 2010s, encouraging many fitness studios to conduct classes that either adhere to standard routines or to branch out into contemporary hybrids. Out of all kinds of exercises, few have seen as much attention as yoga has. From young students to the elderly, yoga exploded into the latest trend for its versatile and unique approach to fitness. Yoga is renowned for its effectiveness in relieving stress, providing mental stimulation, and losing weight? Is yoga for weight loss or are there better options if you want to burn fat?

Yoga lacks the intensity of many other cardio activities like running, sports, and circuit training; but puts the body through enough of a workout to still see progress. Hatha Yoga is the most basic form and a favorite among beginners; the downside is that it is one of the slower-paced versions of yoga and many would struggle to burn more than 125 calories in an hour. Hot Yoga or “Bikram” yoga sets the room to a much higher temperature, enabling practitioners to put up more of a sweat, which does naturally set the body up to metabolize more effectively.

Ultimately the amount of calories burnt solely depends on the type of yoga practiced, the weight of the practitioner, and the duration of each session. The set number of calories burnt in a fixed amount of time will be higher if you have a higher weight percentage. Coupled with a calorie-deficit diet that is consistent and you should be shedding pounds slowly, but surely.

Since the rate of calorie reduction is going to be a grind, the main constant that is necessary to turn yoga into a fat-killing activity is a healthy diet. Going on a calorie deficit (without starving yourself of course) is critical, but a few disciplined meals alone won’t cut it. You’ll need to commit to this deficit long-term if you’d want yoga to do its work and slowly chip away at your tummy fat.

Thankfully, yoga surprisingly can assist with this struggle too. According to studies, establishing mindfulness through art reduces the tendencies of stress eating, cravings, and appetite. To elaborate, mindfulness is about centering one’s attention to the present moment. It’s easier said than done, but if done right, your laser-like focus and new levels of calmness can help reduce unhealthy urges. Examples of food to look out for are high-protein sources such as chicken breast, beef, seafood, and egg whites. Milk, soy, and greek yogurt are decent complementary additions.

So far, we have discussed that what Yoga does for the body? Burning calories is simply a byproduct of yoga’s vast and diverse array of benefits. From a healthy mind to improved flexibility, yoga touches on a few fields of the body’s improvement that few other sports address. If you’re looking to burn calories fast, there are many other cardio options that will half the time for weight loss. But if you enjoy yoga for what it offers and can be patient, a healthy diet and committed regime will help you meet your weight loss goals.