About us


The Bangladesh News Gazette is a leading news publication that works with the long-term responsibility of strengthening public opinion on how the democratic system should work and how to sustain and nurture democratic norms effectively. The publication has been privileged to be part of a change while upholding the duties of a free press.

One of the key strengths of the Bangladesh News Gazette is its non-partisan position, which allows it to maintain neutrality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of positions held by any group or alliance. The publication’s uniqueness lies in its freedom from any influence of political parties or groups with vested interests.

The Bangladesh News Gazette is committed to advocating for the rule of law, human rights, gender issues, press freedom, transparency, and accountability of people in the administration and in the world of trade and industry. The publication never compromises on these values, and no political powers can take it for granted.

In addition to running news reports on these issues, the Bangladesh News Gazette carries special reports, human-interest stories, features, articles, and essays written by its staff and other professionals and talents from across the country and abroad. The publication is aware of its social responsibilities and duties and works to ensure human rights for all, remove gender discrimination, and uphold national interests.

Overall, the Bangladesh News Gazette is a valuable source of news and information for those seeking to stay informed about the latest developments in Bangladesh and around the world. The publication maintains utmost sincerity and accountability in serving the nation in accordance with its norms and values.