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Opposition MP rails against inclusion of Darwin’s theory in textbook

An opposition Jatiya Party MP on Monday heavily criticised the government for inclusion of Darwin’s theory of evolution in a new class 7 textbook.

Golam Kibria Tipu, lawmaker from Barishal-3, while participating in the thanksgiving motion on the President Abdul Hamid’s speech in parliament said it is an anti-religious propaganda that humans 'came from monkeys'.

“As Muslims we are children of Adam. There is no chance of being monkeys. It is an insult to Islam. A blasphemy law should be enacted in this regard,” he said.

The JP MP in his speech demanded that the government form a commission for finding out who was behind inclusion of such controversial topics in the textbook.

“We saw Darwin’s theory. Humans came from monkeys. This is an anti-religious propaganda. They hurt Islam. We are Muslims. We believe that we are children of Adam. Blasphemy law should be enacted in this country.”

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The MP from the opposition party also said that Germany has a blasphemy law.

“If necessary, we can shortcut that blasphemy law to be applicable in our country. Those who are involved in anti-religious activities should be prosecuted under this blasphemy law. Otherwise there will be anarchy in the country.”

He also said that no devout Muslim could accept this.

“I don't know whether the government hears such sentiment (of people against Darwin’s theory). We go out and listen to what people say about human beings coming from monkeys. People are very aggrieved, the situation is like volcanoes. This has hurt every Muslim.”

The JP MP said this was done deliberately to put the government in a controversial position.

Source: United News of Bangladesh