BNP demands withdrawal of error-ridden textbooks


BNP standing committee has demanded the withdrawal of the new textbooks of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) that contain errors, distortion of history and misinformation.

At their virtual meeting on Monday night, the BNP standing committee members also voiced their strong displeasure over the distorted and wrong information, linguistic mistakes, and contents that hurt religious sentiment in the new textbooks for school students supplied by the NCTB.

“Our meeting felt that the illegal government did it to destroy the education system in a planned way with nefarious purposes,” said a BNP press release, signed by party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, on Tuesday.

The BNP policymakers alleged that the students are being misled with wrong, distorted and untrue information and anti-traditional and anti-values activities.

NCTB gives corrections for 9 mistakes in 3 textbooks of new curriculum

“The meeting strongly condemned such efforts of the government,” the press release reads.

The BNP policymakers urged the government to revoke the error-ridden textbooks immediately and develop textbooks based on the correct history and values of Bangladesh.

The NCTB which is responsible for the development of curriculums, and production and distribution of textbooks at primary and secondary education levels has recently drawn huge criticisms from the different sections of society for widespread errors and misinformation in this year's textbooks.

Source: United News of Bangladesh