‘Mojar School’ sets example for street children

‘Mojar School’, an Odommo Bangladesh Foundation initiative, has set a rare example by imparting education in a different way to street children across the country, including the capital Dhaka.

This non-political and non-profitable organization has brought smiles to face of hundreds of street children by giving them teaching with enjoyment and entertainment.

The vision and mission of ‘Mojar School’ is to build a street-children free Bangladesh and to be a friend, be sure to become self-reliant and healthy. In cooperation with youth, ‘Mojar School’ has been running its education activities since 10 January 2013.

It is ensuring nutrition, education, technology, treatment, safe accommodation along with other necessary supports for the street children.

Ensuring three basic factors – nutrition, education and technology, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is very determined to rehabilitate the street children and turn them into assets of the society.

It believes that considering a child open for education with an empty stomach is fictional; that is why, besides making them interested in their studies, ensuring food for each child in every class is one of the principal purposes of the organization.’

‘Mojar School’s heart-felt endeavor will go on till ensuring a place in the society for each child, destitute or distant from their families; though technological education after proper rehabilitation.

This school always prefers to work with responsible, punctual, dedicated and cordial people. ‘Mojar School’ works as two teams: Volunteer teams – Volunteers of Mojar School run the activity of Phase-1 totally on their own. Student or employee-anyone can be a volunteer at ‘Mojar School’.

Arian Arif, founder of ‘Mojar School’ said, “We are working in four phases for achieving our goals. In those four phases we are actively running eight schools.”

In phase-01; open school informal education is provided in ‘Mojar School’: Shahbagh, Mojar School: Kamlapur, Mojar School: Sadarghat and Mojar School: Dhanmondi. In phase-02; permanent school formal education is provided in Mojar School: Agargaon, Mojar School: Manik Nagar, Mojar School: Manpura-1 and Mojar School: Manpura-2 to 500 regular underprivileged students.

Beside, academic activities, students participate in cultural activities in these schools across the country.

‘Mojar School’ holds its annual “Anondo Utshob” every year. For the past few years, the school has conducted this program in order to provide the children a hearty meal at least once a year.

Arian Arif said, “These children are very poor, and some of them are not able to buy meat for months for consumption. So, we decided to offer them a meal with meat.”

“Education is essential for children in Bangladesh like other countries but meal is mandatory to live and it is first priority. That is why we have decided to provide meals for school children along with education, he added.

At the end of the “Anondo Utshob” event every year, ‘Mojar School’ succeeded in leaving its students satisfied and elated. Bringing countless smiles across the faces of the children, the day of joy, feasting, and happiness would surely be etched in their memories forever.

Though, this program will not be held this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mojar School initiators hope that they can arrange it in the upcoming year.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)