Mid-day meal becoming effective in learning


Sudeep Magar, a student of Grade 5 at Shree Secondary School, Rajena located in Ghorahi sub-metropolis-18 is elated to have lunch at school.

Likewise, Samjhana Nepali, studying in Grade 6 in the same school, is happier when the schedule for kheer or rice pudding comes. The school has made a schedule to serve halwa on Sunday, gram curry on Monday, kheer on Tuesday, chiura/pulau on Wednesday, khichadi/chiura on Friday and eggs on Friday.

Following the implementation of the midday meal program, many children are attending school regularly. Along with reducing the financial burden on parents, it has also encouraged students tp attend school regularly.

More than 715 students of the school enjoy free meals. Principal of the school, Uddhav Neupane, said that the program has also helped in maintaining the quality of education, along with nutrition for the children.

Rammani Pandey, the coordinator of the education committee and spokesperson of Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city, shared that the program was found to be very effective and useful for children.

In Ghorahi, 93 public schools are implementing the mid-day meal program. There are about 15,000 students in Ghorahi. The program has been implemented by making a work schedule to provide 180 days of daily lunch.

Deputy Mayor Huma DC said that the program has also discouraged the consumption of junk food and improved eating habits of the children.

Source: National News Agency Nepal