Maximum energy, strength need to be employed to tackle Covid: Raushon

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Raushon Ershad on Sunday urged the government to employ its maximum energy and strength to tackle the rapid surge in coronavirus infections.

“Experts fear the situation will be dire the way corona infection is growing. Hospitals mow can’t accommodate patients. Under such a situation, it’s very difficult to control the virus spread,” she said.

Delivering her valedictory speech at the 12th session of the 11th parliament, Raushon said the corona-testing capacity should be increased further as people now cannot undergo tests after waiting for hours.

“The facilities for isolation must be enhanced. Maximum strength must be employed to tackle the corona infections,” she added.

The opposition leader deplored that people are showing apathy to health safety rules amid the spike in the Covid cases in Bangladesh.

“There’s hardly any caution among people. The 18-point directive announced by the government is barely followed. People don't wear masks. They get annoyed if they’re given sanitiser. Many people are walking around the book fair without masks,” Raushon observed.

She appreciated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her untiring efforts to control the coronavirus outbreak. “The Prime Minister has been working round the clock to prevent the corona infections. What will be the outcome, if we don’t be cautious?”

The opposition leader said people need to be cautious and provide the government with all-out cooperation by maintaining its directives to slow down the virus transmission.

She said Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country while the country’s GDP growth rate has marked a significant rise.

“The average life expectancy has increased over the few years. Metrorail is being constructed for the development of public transport and the construction of Padma Bridge is nearing completion. The standard of living has also improved. But inequality has increased seriously,” Rahuson said.

She said instability and people’s sense of insecurity have increased, too.” We still couldn’t ensure safe food for people. Three lakh people are getting infected with various diseases every year by consuming adulterated food,” she lamented.

Source: United News of Bangladesh