Youtube channels, IP TVs won’t be allowed to present news: Info Minister

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Thursday said the YouTube channels and IP TVs would not be allowed to present news.


They can only be run as entertainment channels, he said at a dialogue organised by the Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF) at the secretariat.


He said that IP TVs can do everything else, but they cannot do the job of providing news for the time being. The decision came from the ministry’s regular inter-ministerial meeting.


“We have also invited applications for registration on YouTube channels or IP TVs. They’re under investigation. We’ll start registering them after completion of the preliminary investigation,” he said.


While responding to reporters, Hasan said: “YouTube channels and IP TVs won’t be able to provide regular news. That’s why when a television channel gets permission, they aren’t allowed to broadcast news at the beginning. They need to fulfill some parametres and need to re-apply for the permission. They’re then allowed to present news. For now, IP TVs won’t be able to provide news.”


Asked about the stage of registration of the online portal, he said the registration process is underway.


“Many online news portals have already been registered. The rest will be given. The registration process will take several months because we’re able to register only after the investigation agency reports. But I hope we’ll be able to complete most of the registrations this year,” added the minister.


Source: United News of Bangladesh