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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Review: Is It the Best Band in 2020?

Xiaomi never stops surprising us with their innovative and handy gadgets. If you want to carry a smart gadget that can help you in maintaining a healthy body, communications, and daily activities, wear a smart band. Though a smart-band looks tiny, the smart sensors installed in this gadget can make your life easier, faster, and systematic. In June 2020, Xiaomi launched Mi Smart Band 5. It is a successor of Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4. What’s new in Band 5? Read this article to know the exclusive features and price of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5.


Key Features of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5




Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 bears an OLED screen. Its 1.1-inch display is about 15% bigger than the ancestor Band 4. You would enjoy the quick touch response of its monitor. In Band 5, you can pick your favorite watch faces among more than 65 options. This smart band also allows you to put a custom photo on its background.


On the rear-side, you will find the Mi Logo and Pogo pins. This Band gets fasten to your wrist through its built-in rubber strap. The curved design of the strap makes it comfier to wear. However, it can catch some dust which can be an issue during the ongoing pandemic situation.


Mi Band 5 Price Bangladesh


Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI)


Mi Band 5 is blessed with a smart Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) program. On the basis of deriving various metrics, like physical movements, heart rate, stress, workouts, etc, the PAI can assess the summarized status of your health condition over the week. Overall, these sensors can show about 97% accurate results. However, sometimes the accuracy can vary depending on how property the band is worn by the user.


Heart Rate Sensor


HR sensor is placed on the back-side of this band. Xiaomi boasts that PAI is able to analyze your heart rate (HR) data and develop a personalized HR score that signifies how much activity you require for the sake of keeping sound health. Though PAI can’t be comparable with regular health check-ups, regular tracking of primary health data can motivate you in staying active.


Fitness and Activity Tracking Sensor


Out-winning the 7 sport modes of predecessor Band 4, the Mi Band 5 is equipped with 11 types of workouts including Yoga, Running Outdoor, Rowing Machine, Treadmill, Elliptical, Indoor cycling, Pool swimming, Walking, Jump Rope, Freestyle, and Cycling. All you need to do is fasten the band on your wrist properly. This smart band would track your activity and accumulate data.


What is more, by virtue of the Mi Fit App, the Mi Band 5 is able to track your daily life activities such as brushing teeth, eating meals, sleeping, physical activities, and outdoor sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, etc. In both the iOS and Android platforms, you can efficiently manage the features of your Mi Band 5 through the Mi Fit app.




Sleep Tracking Sensor


Sound sleep is the secret of good health. Mi band can help you monitor the quality and duration of your sleep almost accurately for 24-hours a day. Whether you sleep during day or night, the Mi Band can smartly denote the time of falling asleep or waking up.


What makes Band 5, superior to its ancestor band 4 is the calculation of REM (rapid eye movement) during the periods of sleeping and dreaming. This exclusive feature can analyze whether your sleep is deep or light. Tracking the data of your naps on a regular basis, Band 5 can present a chart through the Mi Fit app.


Breath Tracking Sensor


Mi Band 5 includes a breathing feature that can indicate the level of stress in your daily life. This simple but efficient feature can assist you in stress management. For instance, a smart animation followed by vibration can notify you while practicing inhaling and exhaling exercises in a systematic way. These easy steps can improve the relaxation of your mind and make you feel better within a few moments.


Other Features


Mi Band 5 features a well-organized control interface. From settings, you can optimize its features like brightness control, apps selections, apps customizations, etc. Besides health and fitness features, Band 5 is programmed with some fun features like Music controls, Phone-notification Mirroring, Remote camera shutter, weather notification, etc. Its Bluetooth connection with the phone seems quite competent. In addition to these, Band 5 is water-proof up to some extent.




Xiaomi claims that Mi Smart Band 5’s 125mAh powered battery can support as long as 14 days. On average, you can expect this Band to stay alive for around 10 days depending upon use. However, this duration may cut short if you turn on the demanding features that tend to drain the battery life. For instance, Band 5’s battery life may get shortened to 7 days when you enable features such as lift-to-wake, automatic HR tracking, raise-to-view, sleep tracking, or mirrored notifications from your Smartphone.


Mi Band 5 Specs


Thanks to Xiaomi for providing a charging cable in the box. This cable get you rid of the nuisance of removing the capsule from the strap for charging purpose. Now you can easily recharge this band within 2 hours of duration.


Limitations of Mi Band 5


Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 5 doesn’t come with the SpO2 sensor that could have measured the level of oxygen in your blood flow. Furthermore, Band 5 lacks any built-in microphone. But don’t worry! To overcome this limitation, you can either utilize features like Google Assistant or Siri or receive calls. Band 5 is also deprived of the GPS feature. Therefore, you can turn on the location tracking option on your Smartphone while roaming outside the home.


Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Price in Bangladesh


Not to mention, Mi Smart Band 5 is going to impress you with its improved sensors. The heart rate sensor works pretty well. You can monitor your workouts, physical activities, stress, sleep, etc. These small but significant indicators go a long way to maintain the wellness of your health. Overall, Mi Band can make your life better. Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 5 is available around BDT 2800 in Bangladesh. The price may vary depending upon sellers.


Source: United News of Bangladesh