Women entrepreneurs carving out a niche in business

Country’s women entrepreneurs are now

carving out a niche for themselves in businesses and drew attention of

media by their relentless efforts at their works.

Three women entrepreneurs –Afroza Khanam Mili, Chhadekun Nahar and

Sanjida Salma Poly — are the example of women entrepreneurs who made

their marks in businesses and became successful.

When Afroza Khanam Mili, 35, who hailed from Kadirabad area of

capital’s Mohammadpur area, started her business she had only Taka

3000 as capital. But in the short span of seven years, her capital

stood at Taka 50 lakh. He has been operating ‘Hostashoily’ boutiques

since 2013. When she started business, both she and her husband were


“In the beginning, all my relatives and friends were very much

negative and they criticized me a lot. They didn’t like to see me as

an entrepreneur after completion of my Master’s degree. But I was

tenacious about my motto and carried out my job perfectly and

honestly. And today all of my relatives and well-wishers praises me a

lot,” Mili said.

“I took training from Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industry

Corporation (BSCIC) on entrepreneurship. My husband helped me in my

business and inspired me. Rupali Bank has given me loan to expand my

business. I am grateful to the authority of the bank,” she added.

Chhadekun Nahar, who hailed from Rangpur, started her business with

only Taka four hundred. Now her business institution employs 30 to 35

people. The 34-year-old woman, owner of ‘Barnali Boutiques’, started

her business in 2004.

In 2017, Chhadekun became the first from Rangpur division in the

Women Entrepreneur Fair organized by BSCIC. She got an SME loan of

Taka two lakh from Union Bank to increase her business that year.

Chhadekun Nahar said her family and husband were the main obstacles

for her to be an entrepreneur. “They didn’t want me to do that. But my

three children have always inspired me to continue the business.”

Sanjida Salma Poly, who hailed from Barishal, said she had a

tendency of sewing from her early age. She started working on a small

scale in 1992. But there was opposition from both the families

including her husband. Her ‘Shilpa Kutir’ showroom is situated in

Rupatali of Barisal.

The successful entrepreneur, Sanjida Salma, currently is giving

training on bakery, advanced cooking, beauty parlor work, sewing,

block and boutique to other women in her locality. Now she has a

capital of Taka 25 taka. In 2012, she expanded business taking loans

from IFIC Bank.

Dr. Jonathan Ortmans, Founder and President of Global

Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), who delivered the speech on February

16, 2019 in Dhaka, said, “Bangladesh is now home to a huge young

population. It has a strong workforce and the young people who are

capable of working right now can make any revolutionary change in the

economy of Bangladesh.”

“Many young Bangladeshi people are becoming successful as

entrepreneurs and many young people are interested in business. So,

there is no doubt that Bangladesh will be changed in near future based

on the capabilities of these young people. One day Bangladesh will be

known as a country of entrepreneurs, especially the women

entrepreneurs to be at the cutting edge of the business,” he added.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)