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Unified Socialist committed to social justice: leader Nepal

CPN (Unified Socialist) Chair and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has said the party is committed to fighting social exploitation, suppression and autocracy and institutionalising democratic norms and values.

Issuing a press statement to mark the 30th Madan-Ashrit Memorial Day today, the leader claimed the objective of the party formation was for creating a foundation for socialism along with social justice in a democratic way. The party's formation is a revolution against the attempts to reverse political accomplishments that were possible following the people's long struggle, according to the leader.

It may be noted that the party was formed in 2021 following a split from the CPN (UML).

"The ideology of people's multiparty democracy propounded by the then prominent communist leader Madan Bhandari had contributed to highlighting originality of Nepali revolution, taking the communist thoughts, ideologies and movement to a new height internationally," the leader said in the statement and paid tributes to the both leaders: Bhandari and Jibaraj Ashrit who lost their lives in a jeep accident on May 16, 1993. ---

Source: National News Agency