UML forwards development: Chair Oli

CPN UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has claimed that the CPN UML had capacity to advance development and prosperity in the country.

Inaugurating the newly constructed building of Adhikhola Rural Municipality here Friday, Chairperson Oli said the pace of development activities would be speeded up as per the need of the people, for which only UML carries out people-centered works.

Also the former Prime Minister, Oli, challenged the incumbent government to carry out popular activities as carried out by his party. The development had made stride during his party-led government period.

The UML Chairperson urged the present government not to reduce budget of development projects launched by UML-led government and asked the government to involve seriously on the issues of people's livelihood.

Saying that his party would not always stay in opposition, he mentioned that the UML would join the government to build the nation.

Source: National News Agency-Nepal