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RSS is the mouthpiece of the state and the people – Acharya

Govinda Acharya, the press adviser to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', has said that the government was working for the greater good of the working journalists based on an action plan and that everyone's support was necessary towards that end.

At the Annual General Meeting of Press Center Nepal's National News Agency (RSS) Chapter on Tuesday, he said that the government was formulating laws in the interests of the media workers through the participation of relevant actors. Due to lack of legislation related to the media sector since a long time the expected progress has not been achieved.

He described the National News Agency as the mouthpiece of the state and the people. "In addition to conveying the information of the state to the people, it should raise the issue of public concern," he added.

Also former president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Acharya said that the government was in the process of formulating a law to strengthen the full freedom of the press.

On the occasion, Executive Chairperson of RSS, Dharmendra Jha, shared that the news product of the RSS were being changed according to the need of the hour.

"Access to information is inevitable for developing ideas. Hence, the media should be common and independent", Jha said, "RSS thus belongs to all of us. Hence, the development of all of us is possible only in the development of RSS."

General Manager of RSS Siddharaj Rai said the RSS management has been working to address problems facing the agency through dialogue and consultation.

President of Press Centre Nepal RSS Chapter Ratna Krishna Shrestha shared about the establishment of Press Center Nepal and its activities to date.

Likewise, President of Press Center Nepal Pratisthan Committee, Birendra Oli, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists RSS Chapter Pabitra Guragain, President of RSS Employees Union, Kalika Khadka, Vice President of Nepal Press Union RSS Chapter, Purna Prasad Mishra and other speakers shed light on ways their respective organisation were working to ensure the rights of journalists.

Source: National News Agency Nepal