Rise in mercury affects daily life in Mahottari

The people's daily life has been severely hit in Mahottari district due to rising in temperature for the past few days. The temperature has reached as high as 42 degree centigrade.

As a result, the number of people coming for treatment of various heat-induced ailments is also on the rise in the hospital. Usually 70 to 75 patients come for treatment but now 150 to 250 patients come daily, said Medical Superintendent of the Provincial Hospital Jaleshwar Dr Manisha Bharadwaj. People suffering from asthma, fever, diarrhea, typhoid, skin diseases, dehydration and jaundice are coming for treatment.

Most of the diarrhea patients are children below eight years and elderly people above 50 years.

Likewise, the mobility of people in urban as well as rural areas including district headquarters Jaleshwar area has decreased in the afternoon. The streets are mostly deserted from 10-11 am to 5 pm with people staying indoors except for essential work.

Due to extreme heat, water sources such as handpipes, wells and ponds in the district have started drying up. The heat has also adversely affected vegetable crops and fruits.

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon