Pokhara Lake Conference ends with five-point declaration

The three-day Lake Conference has concluded with a five-point declaration including a commitment to work for the sustainable development of nine lakes in the Pokhara Valley.

The conference hosted by the Lake Conservation and Development Authority, Gandaki Province brought together various experts, researchers, government policy makers, lake management committee members and community members to share information and perspectives about the various aspects of preservation and promotion of lakes in the valley, said Dr Kalpana Devi, Chief Executive Officer of the authority.

Around 20 presentations on policies and conditions related to management of lakes, the goals, challenges and success stories from the lake managers made amidst researchers, representatives of government and non-government organizations, lawyers, journalists and students.

The declaration points out the high natural value of lakes, the large number of flora and fauna and the importance of ecological services, the importance of the lake for the economy and the livelihood of Pokhara and its residents, the decline in the ecological condition of the lake. In addition, it is mentioned in the declaration that there is a need for close cooperation between the local community, government officials and technical experts to maintain the ecological condition while meeting the economic needs of the local community.

A seven-member working group has also been formed to prepare the draft for the operation of the Pokhara Lake Forum under the coordination of Purna Kunwar.

At the closing ceremony of the conference, Dean of the Institute of Forestry, Professor Bir Bahadur Khanal, Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Environment, Bishal Ghimire, Vice President of the Lake Authority, Navraj Ojha, expressed their commitment to implement the recommendations of the conference.

Source: National News Agency Nepal