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People in Magura lose hope over district medical services

People of Magura have lost hope of getting proper health services in the district. As a result, serious patients are taken to Faridpur or Jashore for treatment.

In three upazilas, there are three 50-bed upazila health complexes but the services are not up to the mark.

Even patients at Magura Medical College Hospital (MMCH) at the Sadar upazila are not getting proper treatment.

In 2017, to meet the demand of increasing patients in the district 100-bed MMCH was upgraded with 250 beds and advanced equipment. A manager was also appointed.

But its services have not developed over the years.

Though the hospital has ICU ward, ventilators and central oxygen system but coronavirus affected patients are not getting the minimum treatment facility they need.

The ICU ward, ventilators and central oxygen system- all were seen locked up.

Besides, the scarcity of staff and doctors have made the treatment quality even poorer.

There are allegations that doctors transferred to MMCH often go elsewhere (district) over lobbying.

District Civil Surgeon Dr. Shahidullah Dewan said about the manpower crisis in the hospital.

He also said that steps were being taken to solve this problem.

The people of Magura district hope the authority will take necessary steps in developing the quality of medical services, during this pandemic.

Source: United News of Bangladesh