Onion from Myanmar unloaded at Chattogram Port

A consignment of imported onion from Myanmar has been unloaded at the Chattogram Port on Monday.


After the shipment of 58 metric tonnes of onion reached the port on Monday, the authorities concerned of Plant Quarantine Centre of Chattogram Seaport issued the release order, said Dr Mohammad Asaduzzaman, deputy director of the centre.


This is the first shipment of onion from Myanmar.


A representative of C&F Agent said the ‘Agrabad Kayel Store’ imported the onion and already two containers had been unloaded.


Besides, four more onion-laden containers have reached the port from Pakistan and the authorities concerned have examined it for clearance.


According to Chattogram Customs House, the authorities concerned have taken all-out preparation to unload the shipment of onion as soon as possible.


Mohammad Idris, general secretary of Traders Association, said the first consignment of onion from Myanmar has arrived at the port.


The colour, size and taste of Myanmar onion is similar to that of our local variety and per kg is being sold at Tk 70, he said.


The government has withdrawn 5 percent duty on onion import in an effort to cool down the overheated local market following India’s export ban.


The decision has been taken as per Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directives, said a Finance Ministry handout on Sep 20.


It will remain effective until March 31 next year.


India’s onion export ban pushed up the prices in the local markets to about Tk 100 from Tk 30 per kg.


According to the Commerce Ministry, the annual demand for onion in Bangladesh ranges between 2.2 and 2.5 million tonnes. Although the country’s own annual production has risen, so has the amount imported over the last decade.


Commerce Ministry figures show the amount imported was hardly 0.4 million tons in FY09, but had touched up to 1.1 million tons in recent years.


Source: United News of Bangladesh