Nepal and India agree to evacuate no-man’s-land

The administrators of the border districts of Nepal and India have agreed to evacuate the no-man's-land area and to repair the collapsed border pillars.

The Nepal-India Border District Coordination Committee has agreed to remove the structures in the no-man's-land in a meeting held Monday in Kisanganj, India.

In the meeting, the Nepali team was led by the chief district officer of Morang, Birendra Kumar Yadav, and the Indian team by the magistrate of Kisanganj district of Bihar province, Shrikant Shastri.

On the occasion, District Magistrate Shastri said that there was an agreement on making the no-man's land area between the borders of the two countries free from encroachment. It was also agreed to search for the border pillars washed away by the river, and lost and then restore them in their original place.

Similarly, Chief District Officer of Morang, Yadav said that 14 different issues were discussed amicably between the officials of the border areas of both countries. He shared that the Indian side has been requested by Nepal to control important issues such as elephant terror, drug trade, human trafficking, and smuggling. "They agreed to cooperate in controlling criminal incidents along the border areas," he said.

Superintendent of Police of Jhapa district Durgaraj Regmi said that regular checking of vehicles traveling in the border area and exchange of information for the arrest of criminals was also discussed in the meeting.

Nepal and India share 118 km long border area along Jhapa and 53 km along Morang.

Source: National News Agency-Nepal