NCC stresses on practical implementation of govt.’s policies and programmes

Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has laid emphasis on practical implementation of policies and programmes of the government presented for coming fiscal year.

Issuing a press release today, the NCC said it has believed that the policies and programmes would be resulted-oriented at a time when country's economy is at risk.

It has drawn the government's attention to address the issues incorporated in the policies and programmes through budget.

The statement reads, "The policies and programmes have not been able to adequately cover the recent economic crisis and contraction in investment. It is necessary to bring upcoming budget maintaining economic stability."

NCC President Rajendra Malla shared that the government's policies and programmes, however, have addressed demands of private sector in a partial manner.

He opined, "Some demands raised by the private sector have been addressed. It is necessary to implement a policy making public private partnership concept effective."

Trying to maintain frugality in government expenditures by govt.'s polices and was positive, said the NCC.

Source: National News Agency-Nepal