Landlords and entrepreneurs launch clean-up drive in Thamel

Tourism entrepreneurs and landlords have conducted a clean-up drive in one of the popular tourist hubs in Kathmandu- Thamel- to make it clean and a tourist attraction.

In the clean-up drive spearheaded by the Thamel Tourism Development Council, officials from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal Police, tourism entrepreneurs and landlords in Thamel area joined hand in hand for the sanitation drive from 7:00 am today.

Participants cleaned up roads, alleys and thoroughfares in an hour long clean-up drive. Council's President Bhabi Sharma shared that the drive was initiated to make 'Our Thamel, Clean Thamel' campaign a success and the drive would be continued in coming days.

For that, according to him, the Council will review the clean-up drive and will solicit suggestions from the stakeholders and participants to make the drive more effective.

Tourism entrepreneur Ramesh Osti called for cooperation and participation from all quarters to take forward the drive. "Everyone's active role is necessary to make the world-renowned Thamle as a clean and beautiful place."

Arjun Lal Pradhan, who owns a house in Thamel, echoed Osti and said that it was imperative to have everyone's cooperation to make Thamel pollution-free.

Source: National News Agency Nepal