Identity supporters should not do politics of negation: Minister Limbu

Minister for Youth and Sports Dig Bahadur Limbu asserted that those identity seekers launching demonstration against the name of Koshi Province should not do politics of negation.

Talking to media persons in Biratnagar Airport today, Minister Limbu urged those advocating for identity to launch peaceful agitation quitting the violent one to achieve the rights at a time when Province No 1 has already been named as the Koshi Province.

Stating that Nepal is a country with multiple ethnicities, languages and religions, the Minister asked one and all to create enabling environment for all the Nepalis to live in harmony.

Arguing that violent demonstration would stall development's pace in the country, he spoke of the need for the identity seekers to think on it.

Minister Limbu viewed that the country could be led in the path of peace if the genuine demands raised by those advocating for identity were addressed.

The Minister also pledged to incorporate naming of the international cricket stadium at Baijanathpur in Morang district as the 'Girija Prasad International Cricket Stadium' in the federal government's annual policies and programmes so as to give an imputes to its construction.

On a different note, he assured that necessary measures would be taken to streamline and promote sports sector as well as to encourage athletes.

Source: National News Agency Nepal