Govt. issues guidelines for dengue patients

DHAKA, The government today issued a statement to make people aware of taking certain steps to stop spread of dengue and measures to protect them from being inflicted by the mosquitoborne disease.

Dengue peaks in the monsoon (AprilOctober) season and Be alert during this period, a press release issued by the Press Information Department (PID) said here today.

People are requested to go to hospitals immediately if one gets his or her health condition deteriorated after recovering from fever. Other symptoms of the dengue are vomiting tendency, stomach ache, weakness and sudden fall of body temperature.

It suggested for taking adequate rest during fever and one week after the fever.

It further said, The carrier of the dengue fever, Aedes mosquitoes breed in clear water.

It said, Do not allow water to be stored in and around your offices, houses or in neighboring areas. Change all accumulated water in containers within three (3) days.

Aedes mosquito usually bites during the day. Cover your body, as much as possible, with your clothing to protect yourself from possible mosquito bites, the release added.

Use mosquito nets even while sleeping during the day time, it advised.

Dengue affected persons have been advised to identify it by not only the occurrence of fever, headache, muscular pain or red skin rash, as of late it has been observed that there are exceptions to it, the release noted.

It advised dengue patients not to take any other medicine except paracetamol during the fever. The patients should be given plenty of fluid.

The release said, In case of fever check with the nearest hospital's doctor and request for a dengue test.

It cautioned patients that even after remission of fever one can have severe complications due to dengue. Therefore, everyone should remain alert and keep in touch with doctors' at hospitals, it added.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)