‘Gharial poetry festival-2080’

Nepali Congress leader and parliamentarian Dr Shashank Koirala said it was the shared responsibility of all sections of society to preserve gharial crocodile.

In his address to the 'Gharial Poetry Festival-2080' held at Devchuli-17 in the district, he insisted both the government and citizens to put shared efforts for the protection of extinct species of crocodile.

'First, it needs to protect water for the conservation of gharial crocodile', he said, adding all should focus on protecting waters sources and keeping them clean.

The second edition of gharial poetry festival was hosted to amplify efforts for the conservation of the disappearing water species, informed managing director of Happy FM, Dipesh Kadariya.

As many as 18 poets from mid Nepal are reciting their poetic creations at the programme.

Source: National News Agency Nepal