FEDO demands dedicated bench in courts to deal with caste-based discrimination

Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) has demanded the government establish a dedicated bench to deal with the cases of untouchability and caste-based discriminations in each court. More, it has drawn the government's attention towards a delay in constituting the 'untouchability surveillance centre' at each local level as announced by the government earlier.

The provincial conference of Dalit women representatives and rights activists organised by FEDO in Pokhara on May 16-17 urged the government to promptly ensure the separate bench to look after the cases of untouchability and caste-based discriminations in the court and implement the announcement to set up the surveillance centre at each local government.

The FEDO wants the State recognize the untouchability and caste-based discriminations as 'a social crime against humanity' with stringent legal actions against it, according to FEDO central chair Kala Suwarnakar.

The event held with the theme of 'justice, equality and dignity' demanded the State ensure the just representation of Dalit women in each State apparatus and in political committees and in the election.

"Despite the proclamation about elimination of untouchability time and again by the State, its de-facto practices continue to cause injustice to the related communities, preventing them to live with dignity," the event said.

The provincial conference also sought that the bill relating to Dalit empowerment introduced during the term of the then Chief Minister Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokhrel be concluded soon.

The event urged the province government to make the council of minister and thematic committees inclusive and increase investment for the education, health and capacity enhancement of Dalit women. In addition to this, it has called for the implementation of the Dalit-responsive budget in the province and local level.

The event was attended by Dalit women representatives and Dalit rights activities from 11 districts in the Gandaki Province.

Source: National News Agency Nepal