CPN (UML) cooperates govt in investigation into fake Bhutanese refugee scam: Deputy general-secretary Gurung

CPN (UML) deputy general-secretary Prithivi Subba Gurung asserted that his party was committed to cooperate the government for the investigation of the fake Bhutanese refugee scam.

Participating in the discussions over the principles and priorities of the Appropriation Bill-2023/24 in today's meeting of the House of Representatives, leader Gurung reiterated party's support to the government's initiatives in the case.

"The way the government has initiated investigation into the scam, I, as a member of the parliament representing the party which upholds the value of the rule of the law and corruption-free Nepal, believe that the government should launch an impartial investigation and make sure that the culprits are not spared while the innocent ones are not prosecuted," asserted Gurung.

He informed that his party had issued an instruction to cooperate in the investigation against the party's parliamentarian Top Bahadur Rayamajhi who is also alleged into the scam.

Emphasizing the principles and priorities that should salvage the national economy stuck in recession, he commented that the priorities were not clear in terms of policy, structure and principles.

"The budget should instill confidence. The priorities fail to reflect the efforts to instill the confidence," he commented, suggesting the government to resort to austerity measures, cutting down the number of ministries and departments in the both federal and provincial government.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress parliamentarian Gagan Kumar Thapa demanded stern action against anyone involved in the fake Bhutanese refugee scam irrespective of his/her designation and party affiliation.

Also taking part in the same discussion in the HoR meeting, Thapa cautioned that the investigation into the scam could be negatively influenced by the ''rumours of market" and the "political meetings."

Demanding a fair and impartial investigation, he urged the government not to spare the guilt ones whether it involved political leader and their families or kin.

On a different note, he viewed that the economy was flagging due to some structural problems of the national economy and the economic situation reaching today's condition was due to weakness on the part of the political parties.

He advised the government to set a budget schedule to discuss principles and priorities months before presenting it before the parliament.

Source: National News Agency Nepal