COVID-19: A doctor going beyond the call of duty

 Dr Zhang Wenhong is the head of infectious disease at Huashan Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai.

He is considered the gatekeeper of Shanghai for his heavy involvement in creating the public health policies that worked and kept the city safe against COVID-19.

Chinese Embassy in Dhaka is thinking that Dr. Zhang’s knowledge and experience would benefit his Bangladeshi counterparts.

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming has been “exerting his influence” to invite Dr. Zhang to have a video conference with health officials and frontline doctors in Bangladesh in a few days to come, said Deputy Head of Mission Yan Hualong on Wednesday.

One model had predicted Shanghai would see 800,000 cases, but through their extraordinary early efforts to limit travel, to end large gatherings and immediately implement social distancing and testing, Dr. Zhang Wenhong and his team, together with Shanghai Municipality Authorities and its 24 million citizens managed to limit cases to just 300 confirmed cases, Yan said.

“And Dr. Zhang and his team have cured 95% of their COVID-19 patients in his hospital,” he added.

Now he is using his knowledge and experience to spread scientific knowledge to help countries fighting with the pandemic.

Source: United News of Bangladesh