Corona patients not getting ‘minimum’ treatment: BNP

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Friday alleged that the patients suffering from coronavirus are not getting minimum treatment at hospitals.


“There’re no enough beds at hospitals now for the treatment of the patients infected with the coronavirus. People are crying for medical care and running from one hospital to another for treatment all over the country,” he said.


The BNP leader further said, “Many people who are suffering from corona, not going to doctors as they know they won’t get treatment. There’re no beds at the hospitals, no treatment, and people going through such an awful situation.”


Rizvi came up with the allegation while distributing relief materials at Ward No-47 in the city’s Uttara area.


He said the government constructed some flyovers, but it did not build any hospital and ensure necessary equipment for treatment.


The BNP leader said people are dying without treatment as most hospitals lack necessary oxygen cylinders, oxygen masks and other necessary equipment to save critical patients.


He also criticised the government for what he said not making adequate allocation for the health sector in the annual development programme (ADP) despite the coronavirus epidemic.


The BNP leader said there was an allocation of Tk 10,000 crore in the last year’s ADP while this year it has been kept a little bit more than Tk 13,000 crore as the government is not giving any attention to the health sector and protect people’s lives.


He said the government is giving the main focus on projects from which ruling party leaders and activists will be able to plunder money and make their pockets heavier further.


Rizvi also accused the government of concealing the actual number of corona cases and death toll.


He said health experts and medical researchers are saying the actual coronal infection and death figures are ten-forty times higher than the government’s estimates. “The government is hiding the real statistics.”


Source: United News of Bangladesh