Chhayanaut’s four-day virtual classical music event begins Wednesday

The country’s leading musical institution Chhayanaut will host a four-day online classical music event from Wednesday.

The virtual programme “Jaag Re Jaag – Chhayanaut Shuddha Sangeet Ayojon 1427” will feature performances of renowned classical artistes of the country, Chhayanaut said on Monday.

Over the years, Chhayanaut has organised a yearly classical music festival at its Dhanmondi campus.

The institution has been organising virtual programmes and broadcasting lessons on its Facebook group and YouTube channel since the beginning of the lockdown in April 2020.

Classical music lovers will be able to watch the virtual programme on YouTube and Facebook from February 10-12 at 8pm and at 8am in the morning on February 13.

Also, Chhayanaut is regularly broadcasting a distance-learning session on the first Thursday night of every month at 8pm on its YouTube channel on Tagore song, Nazrul song and folk song – featuring eminent artistes and maestros including Chhayanaut President Sanjida Khatun, Vice-President Khairul Anam Shakil and noted singer Chandana Majumdar.