Chalantika-Jhilpar, Mirpur, Dhaka – Fire: Start Network Briefing Note – 29 January 2020

Start Fund Bangladesh allocates Pound 45,303 to support 1,420 fire affected victims in the capital's informal settlement at Chalantika-Jhilpar, Mirpur

In the early hours of the morning of 24th January, 2020, a fire broke out in the much populated, urban quarters of Mirpur, Dhaka. It took the fire department 2 hours, with its 15 units to put out the fire, reporting one fatality and a severely injured person. This informal settlement mainly consists of people from the lower income bracket - garments workers and domestic help.

On 28 January, an alert was raised in Start Fund Bangladesh to address this crisis. On 29 January, the alert was activated by Start Fund Allocation Committee and on 29 January, Social Economic and Enhancement Program (SEEP) was awarded a sum of Pound 45,303 to help the 355 fire affected households, as listed by the coordinated effort of City Corporation and SEEP.


It is a challenge to estimate the correct numbers of damaged property or displaced people as the houses are not properly registered.

For more information contact: Samia Rahman, +880 1859345837,

About Start Fund Bangladesh: Start Fund Bangladesh is an emergency pooled fund, funded by UK Aid and managed by 47 international, national, and local NGOs of Bangladesh. The aim of this fund is to rapidly respond to small and medium scale emergencies, that are under the radar and under-funded.

Source: Start Network