Burial of coronavirus victims: Quantum volunteers working round the clock

Hundreds of volunteers of Quantum Foundation have been performing burials of coronavirus victims according to health directives round the clock across the country.


All of the volunteers were trained and kept ready 24 hours for call to bury deceased people from COVID-19 disease, said a press release from Quantum Foundation.


Following the burial directives of Health Ministry, Islamic Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO), Quantum volunteers reach the house or hospital to collect the body and perform all rituals accordingly.


In between April 7 and May 15, Quantum volunteers buried 129 bodies in Dhaka city and 20 outside the capital.


Quantum volunteers use personal protective equipment (PPE) while conducting burial rituals for being safe from coronavirus infection, the press release said.


Saleh Ahmed, coordinator, Quantum burial activities, said they use 80 percent alcohol, six percent hydrogen per oxide and hifo chloride solution in every burial.


After each and every burial, volunteers wash the graveyard area with disinfectant, and burn the PPE including other protective gears.


Quantum volunteer use 27 types materials during each burial— gown, mask, safety gas, face shield, surgical hand gloves, heavy gloves, neck cover, gumboot, clothes for dead body, specialized bag for carrying dead body and others, he added.


Quantum has been carrying the whole burial cost instead of taking donation from the government or charging the relatives of the deceased, Saleh Ahmed said.


Besides Muslims people, Quantum volunteers have been performing the burial of the people of Hindu religion, said Ahmed adding that they have a female volunteers’ team for burial of female coronavirus-victim.


Saleh Ahmed urged the relatives of all deceased from coronavirus to join them with compassion in the burial ceremony beside Quantum volunteers.


Besides performing burial activities, Quantum volunteers have been donating good quality PPEs to five hundred doctors and government and private hospitals in Dhaka and other parts of the country for free.


On the other hand, other volunteers of the Quantum Foundation, are making, collecting and making sets of PPEs, Saleh Ahmed added.


Earlier on March 24, WHO provided an interim guideline, “To date there is no evidence of people becoming infected from exposure to the bodies those who died from Covid-19.”


Meanwhile, the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh urged all to follow the WHO guidelines for the Namaz-e-Janaza and burial of the victims of Covid-19.


Beside volunteers of Quantum Foundation, other voluntary organisations also have been attending the burial activities of coronavirus-victims in the country.


The coronavirus situation taken a serious turn in Bangladesh has been reporting near one thousands new cases every day.


The country reported the highest number—1,273 on Sunday.


The health authority of the country has So far reported 22,268 coronavirus cases and 328 deaths.


Source: United News of Bangladesh