BNP wants to give Bangabandhu due honour, dignity: Fakhrul

"We won’t just observe March 7, but also March 2, March 3…these incidents are part of the history of the Liberation War. How can we deny history?” he said.

The BNP leader said, “The speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is surely a part of history (of the Liberation War) and we must give him the honour and dignity he deserves.”

He made the remarks while exchanging views with journalists at a city hotel arranged by the party’s media committee on the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of independence.

Fakhrul said the facts and truth about the Liberation War must be revealed by all. “We’ve no intention to belittle anyone, and we think no one should do it. It’s also part of history that people were encouraged to join the Liberation War through Ziaur Rahman’s proclamation of independence. None of these historical events can be denied. ”

He accused Awami League of dividing the nation by branding people as pro-liberation and anti-liberation forces. “Even after 50 years of the country’s independence, it’s unfortunate that we’re divided as a nation.”

The BNP leader said Awami League often talks about the Liberation War spirit and claims itself as a pro-liberation force. “Did the country become independent with the spirit that we would snatch democracy and state power by holding elections the night before the voting…Should an innocent writer die in jail for expressing his opinions?”

He strongly criticised the government for what he said using the Digital Security Act for snatching freedom of expression of journalists and dissents. “About 400 journalists have become victims to this act while many of them have been landed in jail…writing (against the government) is just their crime. We didn’t liberate the country and join the war for such a situation.”

The BNP leader said the main objective of the Liberation War was to build a democratic Bangladesh.

About a move to revoke BNP founder Ziaur Rahman’s ‘Bir Uttam’ title, Fakhrul said it doesn't matter whether this title is removed or not as history has given Zia the due place.

He, however, said this title was not conferred on Zia at the mercy of any government and or individual. “He achieved this by inspiring the nation to fight for its independence. This title was given by the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman government after independence.”

The BNP leader said people will never accept any evil attempt to take away Ziaur Rahman’s gallantry title.

BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said their party will celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the independence throughout the year amid various programmes to present the real history of the Liberation War before the new generation.

He alleged that Awami League has been trying to distort the history of the Liberation War in many ways for the last 12 years only to undermine Ziaur Rahman. “The government’s latest move to revoke his gallantry title is very unfortunate. We do believe that revoking the title of Ziaur Rahman means insulting the Liberation War and disrespecting the freedom fighters. ”

At the programme, a one-minute silence was observed showing respect to the memory of writer Mushtaq Ahmed who died in jail on Thursday.

Source: United News of Bangladesh