BNP finds ‘political interests’ behind 123 govt officials’ promotion amid pandemic

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Tuesday alleged that the government has recently promoted 123 officials to the post of joint secretaries amid the coronavirus pandemic only to serve its political interests.


“The government has been preparing to give one-party rule a permanent shape during this difficult time of corona pandemic as it seems they suffer from nervousness. That’s way they’ve been on a spree of promoting the people of their choice,” he said.


At a virtual press conference on Tuesday, the BNP leader further said, “A few days back, 123 deputy secretaries were promoted to the post of joint secretaries. This supernumerary promotion by the government is entirely in the political interests.”


Despite having no vacant position, Rizvi said the government promoted the administrative officials only to secure its power.


Earlier on Friday, the government promoted 123 officials holding the rank of deputy secretary to the post of joint secretary in a latest reshuffle in the administration.


Rizvi said many questions have been raised as the government issued the promotion order on a holiday. “There’re no posts available, but the promotion is going on. As per media reports, most of the officers will have to remain in their previous positions for lack of posts.”


He claimed that those got promotion, including four ministers’ private secretaries and six deputy commissioners, have close link with Awami League.


The BNP leader also alleged that many talented officers were not promoted despite having qualifications. “Only those who are associated with the ruling party in various ways are being promoted after verifying their loyalty.”


Source: United News of Bangladesh