bKash app locates nearby agents, merchants, ATMs, customer cares

Customers can easily locate nearby agents, customer care centres or merchant points from ‘bKash Map’ option in bKash app anytime from any corner of the country.

Due to the convenience of saving time in case of emergency, customers have availed this service more than 2.2 million times in the last five months.

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Recently, ‘ATMs’ option has also been added to bKash Map. From ATMs of Basic Bank, BRAC Bank, First Security Islami Bank, IFIC Bank, Jamuna Bank, Midland Bank, Shahjalal Islami Bank and Social Islami Bank, bKash customers can avail Cash Out service at a cost of Tk 14.9 per Tk 1,000.

Using Map of bKash app, it has now become easier to avail services from 240,000 agent points, 275 customer care centers, more than 250,000 merchant points and more than 1,150 ATMs across the country.

Besides location, customers can get some added information like the image, address, business type and service time of specific agent, merchant, ATM or customer care centre in ‘bKash Map’.

To use the map, customers have to select ‘bKash Map’ after tapping bKash logo on the top right side of the app's home screen. They have to turn on their location to use this feature and view the whole map.

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At the bottom of the map, the logo of ‘Merchants’, ‘Agents’, ‘ATMs’ and ‘Customer Care’ have been placed. Customers can see five nearby agents, ATMs or customer care/customer care points by tapping on ‘Agents’, ‘ATMs’ or ‘Customer Care’. They can also get directions through 'Show Route' option after tapping on the logo of selected merchant, agent, ATM or customer care point or from 'Show List' button. However, one can see 10 nearby merchant points by tapping on ‘Merchants’.

Source: United News of Bangladesh