BGL reports ‘significant engagement with job seekers’ tapping into imo Channel

BGL Overseas, a recruiting agency based in Dhaka, has reported a “big growth in its engagement with the job seekers” after joining “Channel,” a free broadcast platform for service and information introduced by popular instant messaging app imo.

The agency is involved in the recruitment and supply of workers from Bangladesh to different companies based in the Middle East and Asia.

Abdullah Al Mamun, marketing manager of BGL, decided to connect with imo Channel to help the agency perform better.

BGL joined Channel this May to try it and tap into more potential candidates. After the agency was officially verified by the imo team, its account got customised menus, enabling potential clients to contact it conveniently. More importantly, BGL services got a huge traffic boost from imo.

Within only two months, the number of closed deals of Mamun increased by around 50 percent as there was a huge boost in the number of BGL’s followers, which reached nearly 13,000.

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On average, the number of migrant workers who reach out to BGL through Channel every day is around 50, much more efficient than other digital platforms, according to a media statement.

Mamun said: “We were looking for a good platform to connect to our target clients directly. Ever since we connected with imo Channel, we witnessed a significant rise in our engagement with the job seekers, because our target clients are already on the platform and could call us directly on imo without fees and not through other agents, which has helped us experience meteoric growth in terms of business.”

Currently, there are huge opportunities for Bangladeshis to work overseas, but it often remains unexplored owing to a lack of proper information. Channel has “proved to be a powerful tool in this regard.”

Currently, on imo, there are around 10 million Bangladeshi users who work in the Middle East.

Migrant workers can get relevant and authorised information about overseas job opportunities, salary, employers, companies, job requirements and other necessary details through imo Channel.

Source: United News of Bangladesh