Best Free Mobile Games In 2021

Sometimes booting up a computer or console is just too much work after a long day. When you’re in the mood to just lie down and play a game for 10 minutes or less, the mobile phone is the obvious option, and by far the most convenient. In many countries, mobile gaming has taken the market as the most dominant platform; its user-friendly control scheme and general affordability are attractive perks that have been effective in attracting casual gamers. While on the move, these are the best free mobile games in 2021 to have on your phone when you have time to kill.

Top Free Online Android and iOS Games 2021

Dadish 2

There’s nothing quite as iconic as a 2-d platformer in the gaming scene. Dadish 2 takes a page from the classic Super Mario Bros game scheme and has sprinkled its own innovative mobile twist that is deceptively addictive.

Available on IOS, Android, and Switch, this game was built for the optimal handheld experience that is enjoyable for both childrens' and adults alike. Like every platformer, the game adheres to a leveling scheme that will have players hungry for progression. Dadish 2 sets itself apart from other platformers by introducing quirky characters, a playful artstyle, and clever challenges in each level.

Among Us

No one would have expected Among Us to blow up in the gaming community as much as it did during the first few months of the pandemic last year.

Among Us Indian express

This graphically simple game was responsible for making and breaking loads of friendships through its “Masquerade” style theme; where players will perform daily tasks on a spaceship, while one of them is secretly the murderer. Like the classic board games, the end goal is to identify the killer before he/she kills too many people. Despite how it sounds, the graphics are relatively child-friendly and can be played with more than six players.

Path Of Exile Mobile

Path Of Exile isn’t the type of game to be played for the short term, based on its genre alone. This loot-based role-playing game has players go on fantasy missions to slay beasts and attain loot as the story progresses. Not originally from the mobile gaming world, Path Of Exile has an existing fanbase in healthy numbers.

The game released last year on the mobile platform and has successfully adapted the complex interface of maps and skill trees into one cohesive package for new players to pick up and get started.

Disk Drivin’ 2

Despite the game coming out in 2018, the unorthodox take on the traditional racing genre has made it a classic in the making. Disk Drivin’ 2 introduces the concept of a turn-based racing game that requires players to flick their “disk” along a track; based on the power and trajectory, the disk will travel accordingly while facing obstacles and a variety of terrain along the way.

Disk Drivin 2 Game

The game is primarily played online, which means that the competitive demographic will thrive most in this sort of game. Its graphics are simple and the controls are seamless - definitely worth trying if you’re new to gaming as a whole.

Genshin Impact

Much like Among Us, Genshin Impact was a hit in 2020 for its polished graphics, replayability, and rewarding loot system. Under the notorious genre of “Gacha” games, Genshin’s entire business model may have been centered around loot-based rewards which commonly required real cash, but managed to redeem itself through its generous in-game currency distribution and legitimately immersive storyline. The combination of smooth gameplay and the constant content update has been their secret to maintaining their player base.


This game came out a while back but has remained one of the most iconic in the mobile gaming industry. Hearthstone’s card-based genre is an online multiplayer that flexes the thinking muscles by forcing the player to outthink the opponent with the hand you’re given.

Hearthstone Online Android Game

Over the years, new decks have been introduced, and an increasing player base are both factors that play into the game’s long lifespan. It may not exactly be the optimal choice for casual gamers who are looking to unwind but is the perfect choice for avid thinkers who enjoy strategies and collections.

Piano Tiles 2

Tap tap was one of the pioneering music-based genres on the mobile platform but fizzled out somewhere in the 2010s. Now Piano Tiles 2 takes a contemporary approach that revitalizes the genre with up-to-date playlists, mixed in with a bit of classic.

Like its predecessor, the aim is to tap the note at the correct time as it zips down your screen. This is one of the best games for music aficionados who are keen on honing reflexes and simply listening to some tunes while doing it. There is a high skill ceiling when set on the harder difficulty options, but still just as approachable for newcomers too.

Source: United News of Bangladesh