Bangladesh’s LDC graduation: Govt has its plan to face next challenges

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said the government has its own plan about the next move as Bangladesh’s new status as a developing country will pose new challenges for it.

“We’ve every preparation for moving forward. We’ve our own thinking about our move as a developing nation. We’re taking our steps as we aren’t dependent on others,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while responding to questions from journalists at a virtual press conference marking UN’s final recommendation for Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC group. She joined the press conference from her official residence Ganobhaban. It was organised at the Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The Prime Minister said the government is taking preparations from now to face the challenges as a developing nation since the status has to be maintained from 2024-26. “And for facing that challenge, I’m ready to do whatever is needed.”

Sheikh Hasina said the country will stand on its own feet and “will move in the world” with its dignity and keeping its head ever high. “We can implement our own development programmes from our own budget and for that we’ve enough planning.”

Responding to a question over contesting the next general election that would take place in 2024, she said, “Let 2024 come and I’ll take the decision then.”

News documentary

In response to a question about the recent news documentary in a foreign news channel, the Prime Minister showed a cold-shoulder saying that she has no “reaction and nothing to say”.

“The people of the country will assess how much it bears truth, false or fake, and what’s the motive behind it."

She said the people who do not believe in the Liberation War, who killed Bangabandhu along with most of his family members, tried to kill her (Sheikh Hasina) never want the development of Bangladesh.

Hasina said the government has tried the accused of the cases over crimes against humanity during the Liberation War, killing of Bangabandhu, August 21, 2004 grenade attacks, 10-truck arms haul case. “These criminals and their accomplices and family members will not sit idle at all. They’ve some instigation (behind it),” she said.

The Prime Minister went on saying: “The strange matter in Bangladesh politics is that sometimes ultra-leftists and ultra-rightists get united. What’s our fault? And that’s our big question! Looking at which channel said what is not our politics. Our politics is what we’ve been able to do for our people and the country.”

Digital Security Act

In response to a question over the Digital Security Act and death of a writer in jail, PM Hasina said the death of anyone is not at all desirable, but there is nothing to do if anyone dies falling sick in any jail.

“The death of anyone is not at all desirable… it’s also not desirable to create anarchy over that death. So far, no incident like that of November 3 killing of four national leaders in jail has taken place. What’s there to do if anyone dies falling sick in jail,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the government has transformed Bangladesh into ‘Digital Bangladesh’, and now it is the responsibility of it to ensure its digital security. “We’ve to perform this duty because no one can get derailed due to this, no one can be involved in anti-social, terrorism or any other such activities.”

The Prime Minister urged all to refrain from any type of activity that causes any loss to the country and its people. “For that, it’s urgently needed to provide digital security as well as building Digital Bangladesh.”

Turning to critics, she said they will continue their criticisms but they are not realising the ground reality. “Law will take its own course, it’s a matter of your outlook how you see whether there’s any misuse of the law or not. It’s a relative matter what’s misuse and what’s not, but, I think, the law is taking its own course ..,” she said.

Hasina said the Digital Security Act has been enacted for refraining one from causing harm to the country and its people (through digital means).

Covid-19 Vaccine

Responding to questions from journalists over getting vaccinated, she said she has not yet taken the Covid-19 vaccine but will take it for sure.

“I’ll surely take the vaccine, but I want the people of the country to take it first. If one life can be saved with my vaccine that’s the big achievement! Isn’t it?” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said she wants to see first how many people can be brought under the vaccination coverage. “We’ve a target. We’ll provide vaccine up to that level. If any vaccine is left after that, I’ll take my one,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the government is carrying out a campaign so that everyone, up to the rural level, can take the vaccine as per the WHO guidelines.

“By the time, I’ve instructed for bringing three crore additional vaccine. We’re taking steps so that the second doses are available with the completion of the first doses,” said the PM mentioning that the government is taking measures so that no one is left unvaccinated.

Sheikh Hasina also said if any country is unable to produce the vaccine then Bangladesh will do that. “I’ve already asked the pharmaceutical companies, which are capable to produce it, to get ready. We’re looking for bringing the vaccine seed.”

The Prime Minister said she has asked the teachers and others involved with educational institutions to take the vaccine as the government is trying to resume academic activities very soon. “All will have to take the vaccine as per the WHO guidelines. We want to restore the environment for academic activities,” she said.

Replying to a question about the “magic” behind keeping economic activities vibrant alongside keeping people safe during this pandemic, Hasina said it is not a magic at all. “It’s the sincerity and our responsibility to the country and its people.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh