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All Mega Projects Should Be To Benefit Of People: Bangladeshi PM

Bangaldeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, said, her government does not take unnecessary mega projects that would not bring significant benefits to the mass public.

When inaugurating the 60th convention of the Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) in Dhaka yesterday, the prime minister mentioned that, before taking any plan, what she thinks most is whether a project will bring benefits for Bangladeshi people and whether the government will be able to earn from it.

“Whatever the project we take, at first, we think how much the people of the country will be benefited. And what will be the return of that project after its completion and how quickly it will come,” she said.

Hasina added that, she never accepts any project with huge amount of money given by any country or any organisation, which does not bring any good for the country and its people.

“I will only do which will be applicable for our country,” she said

Source: Nam News Network