Day: January 19, 2022


A brick head regime and IMF | Daily FT

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Daily Financial Times
Two years of systemic economic mismanagement by a government elected to power with great expectations and grand promises has led the people into a miserable existence of hopelessness, despair and depression. The regime is scapegoating COVID-19 for the disaster, which no doubt aggravated it, but policy faults by the Government were several, and worse was its brick headedness not to listen to experts in the field simply because they were not part of its power cartel. Beginning from its approach to control the pandemic virus to President GR’s ad hoc tax concessions, his erratic import substitutio...
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Tension in Spain over use of EU recovery funds

The Spanish government is increasinglyunder fire over its use of the European Union's massive economic recoveryfunds, with critics blasting the distribution of aid as too slow andarbitrary. Spain is due to receive 140 billion euros ($160 billion) fro...
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