Eminent thespian Dr Enamul Haque passes away

Ekushey Padak-winning legendary actor and dramatist Dr Enamul Haque passed away at his Bailey Road residence in the capital on Monday. He was 78.

General Secretary of Actors Equity Bangladesh Ahsan Habib Nasim said Dr Enamul Haque was taken to Islami Bank Central Hospital at Kakrail in the afternoon as his pulse was not found and doctors at the hospital pronounced him dead.

The sudden departure of Dr Enamul Haque, also a teacher, has left a shadow of grief on the country’s cultural arena.

Born on May 29, 1943 in an aristocratic Muslim family in Feni, Dr Enamul Haque earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry from the University of Dhaka in 1963 and 1964, respectively.

In 1965, he joined as a lecturer at BUET’s chemistry department and became an Assistant Professor in 1970. For his research in the subject of synthetic organic chemistry, he received his PhD from the University of Manchester, UK, in 1976 and also worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacy Department for the same university till 1977.

After returning to Bangladesh, he became BUET’s Associate Professor and Professor in 1979 and 1987 respectively.

He served as the chairman of the Department for 15 years and also acted as the Dean of the faculty of Engineering for two years.

A legendary thespian and dramatist in Bangladesh, Enamul Haque started his journey in the cultural sphere of the country by acting on Mustafa Monwar’s tele-fiction “Mukhora Romoni Boshikoron” in 1968.

In the same year, he began working as a dramatist, and so far he has written nearly 60 television dramas including “Oneekdiner Ekdin,” “Sheishob Dingulo,” “Nirjon Shoikot,” and “Ke Ba Apon Ke Ba Por”.

He staged and participated in several street dramas against the government of Pakistan in different parts of Dhaka city, during the mass uprising in 1969 and the 1971 Liberation War.

Dr Enamul Haque left behind wife Lucky Inam, a renowned thespian herself, and two daughters, actor Hridi Haque and Proitee Haque.

PM shocked

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed deep shock and sorrow at the death of Dr Enamul Huq.

In a condolence message, the Prime Minister said the contribution of Dr Enamul Huq to the field of drama will ever be remembered.

She prayed for the eternal salvation of the departed soul and expressed sympathy to his bereaved family members.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health: 10 Tips for Parents

A child’s mental health determines how they feel, behave, think and act. Their cognitive and emotional developments depend on how they process emotions and thoughts from a young age. Unfortunately, the social stigma dictates that ensuring a child’s physical well-being is more significant than protecting their mental well-being. Now, it is high time to reassess this stance and break out of this misconception; because the mental health of children is as important as their physical health. Let’s find out some basic ways of protecting a kid’s mental health.

How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Forming the right kind of habits and thought patterns that can protect your child’s mental health is not an easy chore. To help parents succeed in their journey to protect their child’s mental health, this article has brought forth 10 well-researched tips and techniques.

Expressing and showing love

A sense of belonging is created in children when they feel loved, welcomed, and accepted. Often, parents disregard the importance of making it a point to show or express their love as it is in a parent’s nature to love their offspring.

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But to a child, a simple gesture of love may go unnoticed until they are reassured of the love and acceptance they are surrounded by.

Embracing them or telling them how much they are loved are, thus, as significant as expressing your love through other gestures of love. When children observe these expressions of love, they grow up to channel their emotions better and form stronger and healthier relationships in the future.

Validating their feelings

Children often go through bouts of sadness and anger which is considered normal child behavior. As their caregiver, it is imperative to validate all of their feelings. Invalidating or ignoring their emotions hampers their mental health to the extent that they can grow up to be shameful of certain emotions.

Contrarily, if they are encouraged to talk about their feelings, and their emotions are recognized, they feel seen and heard. They become prone to validate their own feelings and begin to develop a sense of self-esteem where they can depend on themselves for mental support. These children are also good communicators of their emotions and hence, can deal with problems better.

Showing how to deal with problems

A child learns how to deal with adversities from the people they are surrounded by. If the caregivers give up easily in the face of an obstacle or simply choose not to take risks in fear of failure, the child imitates this behavior. Children who develop these behavioral patterns show signs of anxiety and even grow up to be anxious adults with other mental health issues like depression and panic attacks.

On the other hand, if a child is taught that it is okay to fail while solving a problem, that there are several ways to solve a problem or to think of a solution without panicking, that child learns to take care of their own mental health.

Asking questions and listening

As a parent, asking your child questions shows that you are interested in their lives. Asking about their day or their interests in life can make them feel more connected to the caregivers. Children long for this bonding and doing so helps to protect their mental health to a great extent. Listening to them without any distraction while they answer is also significant as it shows them the importance they have in their parent’s life.

How to help a child to cope up

Creating time for playing and physical activities

While it is important to set aside study time for your children, it should also be kept in mind to choose a time for fun activities every day. Each child has a different thing they might enjoy, so parents should cater to their needs to have some fun, whether it is watching some TV or playing with toys. Parents should also be mindful of their children having some sort of physical activity every day as it helps to regulate their mental health as well.

Teaching healthy food habit

A nutritious and balanced diet aids a child’s mental health. Children lacking in nutrition are prone to getting more sick, lethargic, or depressed in general than children who get sufficient nutrition.

Maintaining a good sleep cycle

A child needs an optimal amount of uninterrupted sleep to go through the day. Having a good sleep cycle helps to protect a child’s mental health as it elevates their mood, energy, and their enthusiasm. It would be helpful if the parents can keep the kids away from electronic gadgets several hours before going to bed.

Teaching positive self-care

Caregivers are the idols that children look up to. Hence, it is absolutely significant that the parents teach them positive self-care by showing them how they take care of themselves. Parents who are ignorant of their own self-care need to raise children who do not know how to take care of themselves. Positive self-care also helps to protect a child’s mental health.

Complimenting their efforts

Like the adults, the kids love to be appreciated. Words of encouragement and praise from parents as well as caregivers are of paramount importance when it comes to protecting a child’s mental health. When a child does well in school exams, competitions or participates in any kind of good activities, don’t forget to praise him or her. These types of small acts will instill self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of identity in the child that aids in decision-making and problem-solving.

Encouraging them to become independent

Teaching them to become independent as much as is appropriate for them is a prerequisite to protect their mental health. A child who knows how to calm down in moments of anger or sadness is better equipped to handle any mental health crisis. For instance, kids can be asked to reorganize the books on their own reading tables or declutter their own beds. Thus, parents can help their children to develop strong personalities and grow up as responsible citizens in their adulthood.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Covid kills 11 more in Bangladesh, infects 599 others

Covid-19 claimed 11 more lives in Bangladesh and infected 599 others in 24 hours till Monday morning.

With the fresh numbers, the Covid-19 fatalities reached 27,699 in Bangladesh while the caseload mounted to 1,562,958, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Of the latest deceased, nine were women and two men.

Seven of them died in Dhaka division, two in Barishal and one each in Khulna and Mymensingh divisions.

The fresh cases were detected after testing 23,193samples.

With this, the daily-case positivity rate increased slightly to 2.58% percent from Sunday’s 2.36 percent, said the DGHS.

Bangladesh recorded below 3% daily-positivity rate last on February this year. However, the mortality rate remained static at 1.77 percent.

The recovery rate also remained unchanged at 97.53 percent with the recovery of 634 more patients during the period.

So far, 1,524,467 people have recovered from the deadly virus infections, the DGHS added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Global Covid cases near 238 million

The overall number of global Covid cases is fast approaching 138 million amid mass vaccination efforts in different parts of the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the total Covid case count and fatalities stand at 237,854,917 and 4,851,562, respectively, as of Monday morning.

The US has recorded 44,339,747 cases and 713,227 fatalities to date, according to the university data.

Brazil currently has the world’s second-highest pandemic death toll after the United States and the third-largest caseload after the United States and India.

Brazil has registered 21,575,820 cases so far. The country’s Covid death toll has also risen to 601,011 as it has been experiencing a new wave of cases since January.

According to AP, Brazil appears intent on returning to pre-pandemic normalcy, even as its death toll tops 600,000, according to official data on Friday from the health ministry. Relief in both COVID-19 cases and deaths have been particularly welcome given experts’ warnings that the delta variant would produce another wave of destruction in the country with the second-most victims. So far, that hasn’t materialized.

The country’s average daily death toll has hovered around 500 for a month, down sharply from more than 3,000 in April. Almost 45% of the population is fully vaccinated, and a booster shot is being administered to the elderly. A greater percentage of Brazilians are at least partially vaccinated compared to Americans or Germans, according to Our World in Data, an online research site.

India’s COVID-19 tally rose to 33,953,475 on Sunday, even as 18,166 new cases were registered during the past 24 hours across the country, showed the federal health ministry’s latest data.

The number of new cases recorded in a day are the lowest in the past 214 days, said a statement by the federal health ministry.

Besides, as many as 214 deaths due to the pandemic since Saturday morning took the total death toll to 450,589.

Meanwhile, Russia has recorded a new record-high daily death toll from COVID-19, continuing a persistent rise that has brought new records almost daily in October.

The national coronavirus task force reported Saturday that 968 people in Russia died of COVID-19 over the past day — about 100 more daily deaths than were recorded in late September. The task force said more than 29,000 new infections also were confirmed in the past day.

Authorities blame the steep rise on the country’s low vaccination rate. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said Friday that 47.8 million Russians, or almost 33% of Russia’s nearly 146 million people, had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, and 42.4 million, or about 29%, were fully vaccinated, reports AP.

The coronavirus task force of Russia reports has reported a total of about 7.8 million cases and 215,453 deaths in the pandemic.

Situation in Bangladesh

Covid-19 in Bangladesh claimed 14 more lives and infected another 481 in 24 hours till Sunday morning.

With the fresh numbers, the Covid-19 fatalities reached 27,688 in Bangladesh while the caseload mounted to 1,562,359, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The fresh cases were detected after testing 20,355 samples.

With this, the daily-case positivity rate declined slightly to 2.36 percent from Friday’s 2.45 percent, said the DGHS.

Bangladesh recorded below 3% daily-positivity rate last on February this year.

However, the mortality rate remained static at 1.77 percent.

The recovery rate slightly rose to 97.53 percent with the recovery of 699 more patients during this time.

So far, 1,523,833 people have recovered from the deadly virus infections, the DGHS added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

2 of a family among 3 die from electrocution in Bogura

Three people including a man and his nephew died after being electrocuted in Sherpur upazila of Bogura district on Monday morning.

The victims are Budu Chandra Bhuiyan(65), his nephew Palash Chandra Bhuiyan (35) and their neighbor Khitish Chandra Bhuiyan (30).

Witnesses said that Budu got electrocuted when he came in contact with an electric wire while cleaning his backyard in the morning.

The wire was connected to an illegally established temporary electric line for an adjacent Durga Puja temple, they added.

Palash, Khitish and four others got electrocuted too when they tried to save Budu.

The three died on the way while they were being taken to Upazila Health complex.

Among the survivors, a man named Rubel Chandra Bhuiyan is still undergoing treatment at the medical facility while the remaining two were sent home after giving first aid, said Sherpur police station Officer-in charge Shahidul Islam.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

2 more die of dengue, 207 new patients hospitalized in 24 hrs

Two more people died of dengue and 207 new patients were hospitalized across the country in 24 hours till Monday morning.

The two deceased were from Dhaka metropolis, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

With the latest deaths, the number of fatalities from the mosquito-borne disease this year increased to 78.

Among them, 73 people died in Dhaka division alone, two each in Chattogram and Khulna divisions and one in Rajshahi.

Among the new patients, 162 were undergoing treatment in Dhaka hospitals while the remaining 45 cases were reported from outside the division, according to DGHS.

Some 935 patients diagnosed with dengue fever are receiving treatment in the country as of Monday morning.

Of them, 758 patients are receiving treatment at different hospitals in the capital while the remaining 177 were listed outside Dhaka.

Since January, some 20,336 patients have been admitted to different hospitals with dengue in the country.

So far, 19,323 dengue patients have left hospitals after recovery, said DGHS.

The number of dengue patients hospitalized in a single day was the highest with 343 patients on September 7.

In September the country recorded the highest number of 7,841 dengue cases of the current year with 22 deaths.

In August 7,698 people were diagnosed with dengue while the highest 34 people died from it, said DGHS.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Man killed in elephant attack in Chattogram

A 38-year-old man was killed by a wild elephant at Madhyam Guapanchak village in Anwara upazila of Chattogram district, police said on Monday.

SM Didarul Islam, officer-in-charge of Anwara Police Station, said the man was mentally retarded and the wild elephant trampled him to death on Sunday night while he was roaming around the area.

However, police are investigating the incident.

At least 17 people died while 25 others had been injured in attacks by wild elephants in the upazila in the past two years. Besides, a number of houses were damaged during this period.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Mason ousted from CU campus for harassing a female student

A mason has been permanently barred from working in Chattagram University and its adjoining areas as punishment for harassing a female student of the university.

According to the CU authorities, mason Md Mased has been harassing the second-year student of Philosophy department for a week.

On Monday, the student’s classmates detained the accused from a building next to AF Rahman Hall as he was found teasing the girl on her way to tuition.

University Proctor Rabiul Hasan Bhuiyan said Mased confessed to committing the offense. He has been barred from working in the campus and its adjoining buildings.

Action will be taken against him if he works as a mason inside the university, the proctor added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Ali Riaz Post-Graduate Research Prize Trust Fund introduced at DU

Ali Riaz Post-Graduate Research Prize Trust Fund has been introduced at the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of Dhaka University (DU).

Distinguished Professor of Illinois State University, USA Dr Ali Riaz handed over a cheque for Tk 10 lakh to DU Treasurer Professor Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed on Sunday at the Vice-Chancellor’s office to introduce this Trust Fund.

Vice-Chancellor of DU Professor Md Akhtaruzzaman, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Sadeka Halim, Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism Professor Abul Mansur Ahmed, Registrar Probir Kumar Sarker and donor’s elder sister Safrun Ara were present on the occasion.

Out of the income of this donation, every year some meritorious students of the thesis group of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of DU will be given the scholarship to conduct research.

Besides, one meritorious student will get the Ali Riaz Post-Graduate Research Prize for the best thesis work, said a media release.

Vice-Chancellor of DU Professor Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman thanked the donor for his donation and hoped that the students of DU Mass Communication and Journalism Department will be highly encouraged to conduct research by this donation.

Dr Ali Riaz was a first batch honours student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of DU.

He is also a former teacher of this department. He was Secretary of Literary Affairs of DUCSU in 1979 and 1982.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

JU greets students with flowers and masks on their return to campus

Jahangirnagar University on Monday greeted its students with flowers, masks, hand sanitizers, chocolates and cakes as they started returning to their dormitories after 17 months of Covid-induced closure.

Besides extending a warm welcome the university authorities took steps to measure students’ body temperature and ensure proper sanitization during their entry through the gates.

The authorities also have set up a Covid-19 vaccine booth at Wazed Miah Science Research Centre of the university for students.

Provost of Sheikh Hasina Hall Professor Bashir Ahmed said, “We will welcome the students with gifts whenever they come.”

Isolation centres have been set up at halls to keep the sick students away from others, he said.

Those who didn’t receive the vaccines yet can register on spot and enter halls after receiving shots from university’s vaccine centre, Prof Ahmed added.

Provost of Shahid Salam-Barkat Hall Professor Dr Ali Azam Talukder said,” We have also managed oxygen for students for use in emergency cases.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Another director of 24tkt.com arrested

Members of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested one of the directors of 24tkt.com, yet another scam operation beneath the veil of e-commerce from the 3Sadarghat area in Old Dhaka, on charge of embezzling money through fraudulence.

Mizanur Rahman Sohel is not the first member of the board of directors of 24tkt.com to be arrested.

Earlier on October 4, a team of CID arrested another director of 24tkt.com Rakibul Hasan from Chuadanga district.

According to the complaint of a customer, the accused in collusion with them embezzled money through providing false information on their websites and Facebook.

The e-commerce platform www.24tkt.com launched its website in 2019 and so far it has been used to embezzle Tk 50 crore, police sources said.

Besides, a team of cybercrime police of CID arrested an agent of ringID, a social media platform, from Borogram in Kamrangirchar of Dhaka on Sunday.

The arrestee was identified as Redwan Rahman, 22.

After primary interrogation, Redwan said he got involved in the e-commerce platform as a user and embezzled over Tk 1 crore selling the Id of customers.

The platform used the well-worn formula introduced by Evaly to defraud people, by offering products at abnormally large discounts, conceding there may be delays but in cases of cancellation or refunds, plus even gimmicky ‘cashback’ offers, the money would only be returned as far as the customer’s ‘e-wallet’ on the platform, from where it could only be spent again on tkt24.com, and thus effectively never being returned at all.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Helena Jahangir seeks bail from HC in DSA case

Helena Jahangir, an expelled Awami League member and businessperson, filed a petition before the High Court on Monday seeking bail in a case over Digital Security Act.

The petition was submitted before the bench of Justice Md Rezaul Haque and Md Badruzzaman, Helena’s lawyer Syed Fazle Elahi said.

The bench may hear the petition on Tuesday, said public prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General AKM Amin Uddin.

On July 30, Rapid Action Battalion-1 (Rab) filed the case against Helena at Gulshan police station for spreading invectives and abusive comments against ministers and government high-ups using digital platforms.

On September 21, Dhaka Metropolitan Session Judge KM Imrul Kayes rejected Helena’s bail plea in this case.

On the night of July 29, Rab arrested Helena from her Gulshan residence, four days after she was removed as member of AL sub-committee on women affairs.

The elite forc “seized foreign liquor, illegal walkie-talkie sets, casino equipment and deer skins” during the four-hour raid on her home.

Later another raid was conducted at Joyjatra IPTV station in Mirpur and it was sealed after recovering illegal equipment.

Later the court placed Helena on a 17-day remand in four cases.

She secured bail in one case from court on August 17 and in two other cases on September 21.

Source: United News of Bangladesh