Mayor vs UNO: Garbage piles up on the streets of Barishal

Garbage piled up on the streets with no cleaners around as an uneasy calm prevailed in the city on Friday, two days after clashes broke out between supporters of the mayor and law enforcers leaving dozens of people injured.

On Friday, the weekend morning walkers were greeted with heaps of rotting and stinking garbage on streets across the city. Two large piles were found even on Dhaka-Barishal highway disrupting traffic.

The city dwellers have been facing this situation for the past two days as the city corporation’s cleaners went on an unannounced strike from work.

It is being seen as a fall-out of the violence on Wednesday night when dozens of activists from the AL and Bangladesh Chhatra League stormed into the residence of Sadar upazila nirbahi officer in a dispute over the removal of some banners from his office premises.

Tension mounted after the UNO and police filed two cases against 94 people in which city mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah was named as the prime accused for the violence.

Meanwhile, the city residents suffer.

Basinda Fazle Swapan of Barishal Central Bus Terminal in Nathullabad area said that garbage remained dumped in the streets for the last two days. On normal times the garbage would have been cleared every night but city corporation’s cleaners have stopped work after since the clashes.

The transport workers, including supporters of the mayor, activists of Chhatra League and Jubo League, blocked the Dhaka-Barishal highway with buses in Rupatoli and Nathullabad Bus Terminal areas in the small hours of Wednesday.

The dumped garbage has not been cleaned from the streets since that night.

CNG-run auto-rickshaw driver Rubel said that from Kashipur to Amtala junction, he saw garbage dumped in the middle of the road and in front of the UNO office. “We are also having troubles in driving,” he added

Mahfuz of BM College Road area said that the garbage has remained piled up in the area for two days. The air here is filled with foul smell and the garbage piles also disrupt movement of vehicles through the area.

Meanwhile, volunteers who normally help Covid jab seekers, moved out of 24 vaccination centres in the Barishal City Corporation area on Thursday.

UNB correspondent’s phone calls and SMS to Barishal City Corporation Chief Executive Officer Syed Farooq Hossain and Chief Cleaning Officer Dr. Rabiul Islam went unanswered.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Fishing ban in Kaptai Lake to continue till Aug 31

The local administration has extended the ongoing ban on fishing in Kaptai Lake till August 31.

Commander of the Bangladesh Navy and marketing manager of the Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC), Touhidul Islam, said that the ban on netting, marketing and transportation of fish from Kaptai Lake has been extended by 10 days.

Earlier, the BFDC had extended the ban on fishing twice. The latest decision has been taken to increase the safe breading of fish and water level in the lake, said Touhidul.

According to the new decision, fishermen can catch fish from September 1.

On April 26, the local administration imposed a three-month ban on netting, marketing and transportation of fish from Kaptai Lake with effect from May 1.

The ban was imposed to ensure natural breeding of carp fish. The ban was subsequently extended.

Every year, the government imposes a three-month ban on fishing, marketing and transportation of fish from Kaptai Lake aiming to ensure the natural breeding of fish.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Wau province Governor lauds humane services of Bangladesh peacekeepers

Governor of Wau State in South Sudan Angelo Taban Biajo has highly appreciated the role of the Bangladesh peacekeepers.

The Governor lauded the humane services offered by Bangladesh peacekeepers in Wau and expressed their desire to establish cooperation between Wau province and Bangladesh in different areas like education, ICT and agriculture.

The local Governor of Wau along with the provincial Ministers met Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen at the UNMISS compound in Wau province of South Sudan on Friday.

The Governor suggested that more female personnel may be deployed in the Bangladesh contingent.

The Foreign Minister visited the Bangladesh contingent (BANBATT 4) deployed in the Wau province of South Sudan.

Deputy Force Commander of UNMISS and other Bangladesh high officials of UNMISS as well as Bangladesh non-resident Ambassador to South Sudan and Foreign Ministry officials were present.

Upon his arrival at the UNMISS compound, the Foreign Minister was presented with a guard of honour by a smart contingent of the Bangladesh Peacekeepers.

The Bangladesh Contingent organized spectacular fits which were displayed by Bangladesh Peacekeeping members.

Both male and female performers displayed their acrobatic and defensive skills.

Dr Momen made an address to the Bangladesh Peacekeepers at the Bangladesh contingent.

He said that he felt proud of the commendable contributions of the Bangladesh Peacekeepers in the UN Peacekeeping Missions.

Dr Momen said the purpose of the visit was also to enhance the diplomatic relations and engagements with South Sudan.

The Foreign Minister said the role of Peacekeepers is helping in developing relations with the receiving countries.

He appreciated the performance of Peacekeepers who are engaged in different welfare work apart from peacekeeping activities.

Following his address, the BANBATT officials made a PowerPoint presentation on the activities of BANBATT in Wau.

During their presentation, the Bangladesh Peacekeepers informed the Foreign Minister that they are engaged in social development and welfare work in Wau like providing medicine and veterinary assistance to the local people of the Wau.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Bodybuilding Supplements to Avoid when Gyming

Every guy wants to have a muscular physique. Not everyone will think it’s ideal to be a hulking giant, but regardless, putting on muscle is a testament to hard work and dedication. To do so, there are often many supplement brands who adamantly try to suggest that shortcuts are indeed possible. While some bodybuilding supplements like protein are generally considered positive, there are others that are highly questionable and make promises they can’t keep. They risk nothing by marketing their product that way, but you risk everything if your health takes a turn for the worst after committing to the wrong supplement.

If you are starting your muscle-building journey, these are the supplements you need to avoid when gyming.

Pre Workout

Pre Workout is so popular nowadays that calling it out would be controversial in its own right. Pre-workout serves as an energy booster that will get you going for your entire workout; supposedly giving you extra energy that translates into strength and overall efficiency. It’s no surprise that caffeine is thrown into the mix, but an overload of that can be extremely harmful to the body.

Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols are included as well and a surplus of this can lead to bloating and diarrhea. Ultimately, taking a pre-workout isn’t a nutritional supply agent per se, but more of being a “luxury” that gives you energy. With the correct meals, your body should have enough energy and strength to go about doing your workouts properly.

Test Boosters

Test boosters aren’t for everyone as they truly only help those who generate a lower amount of testosterone than the average count. Having a surplus of testosterone can be very harmful to the body. Test boosters are seen as a cheap alternative to growth hormones that are supposed to be natural. While that may be true for some brands, the harms of a surplus of this hormone include prostate swelling, oily skin, decrease in sperm count, and fluid retention, just to name a few.

The consequences are difficult to identify short term, but these symptoms will show up gradually, and that’s when test boosters would have done more harm than good. There are plenty of natural ways of using a healthy amount of this hormone, and the side effects are not worth it for just a few extra points of muscle.

Fat Burners

We get that cardio is a chore to most people; but if it was easy, more people would be in shape. Fat burner presents itself as a “shortcut” to traditional dieting by claiming to help the body metabolize faster. It’s common knowledge that fiber is healthy and is a primary nutrient that helps with metabolism, but fat burners don’t use fiber. Instead, the supplement relies on caffeine.

A regular cup of coffee increases metabolic rate between 3-4% every 2 hours, which amounts to about 12.5 calories burnt. Fat burners may dump a lot more caffeine into your body than a standard cup of coffee would, but your body has a capacity of the speed at which it can metabolize at its fastest. This supplement gets sold on the name itself, while the ingredients beyond caffeine do next to nothing with boosting metabolic activity. Definitely a hard pass on this; there are far cheaper alternatives that can provide caffeine to the body in safer quantities.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is NOT bad in its own right but can be consumed poorly which will lead to severe consequences. Protein powder generally suggests one or two scoops of protein, mixed in with a bit of water – which is fine.

What is not fine, however, is how many consumers perceive this supplement. The keyword in supplement means to “supply”, not replace. This means that protein powder should never act as a replacement, but only to provide additional aid if your meals generally lack protein. This could be due to work, inconveniences, or cost; which is why this supplement is by far the most popular in the weight lifting industry.

While protein powder can be safe if you go for the traditional whey and soy options and adhere to the guidelines, problems can start to surface when your workouts do not optimize the added aid. If you do not have enough of a workout to let your body metabolize the protein, you could gain unnecessary weight.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

This supplement has been getting a lot of attention in the market recently and is known to have been advertised by professional athletes for its effectiveness. Ultimately, BCAA gives the body leucine, isoleucine, and valine – amino acids that trigger muscle growth; however, these amino acids can be acquired elsewhere and the actual BCAA formula does absolutely nothing.

The only added benefit of BCAA is the reduction of soreness which isn’t something worth spending on every month. Overall, BCAA doesn’t suffer from being bad for the body by any means, but its effectiveness has no scientific backing and could be a huge waste to spend on.


Glutamine is the same shtick as every other gym supplements out there, to help your body increase its muscle mass. This name hasn’t been used among regular gym goers recently, but it is good as it suffers from a similar problem as BCAA.

Athletes have used Glutamine to showcase the ability to gain healthy amino acids while keeping the immune system healthy and maintaining large muscles all at once. Even if there is some truth to Glutamine’s effect, it does not have enough advantages to warrant a regular commitment.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Reopen educational institutions on an experimental basis

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader has demanded the government reopen all the educational institutions right now on an experimental basis.

“The nation is being pushed towards a dark future as educational institutions have been closed for almost two years due to coronavirus,” he said.

GM Quader, also the deputy opposition leader in parliament, said the government should take immediate steps to resume academic activities in the educational institutions ensuring the health safety rules.

“The educational institutions should be reopened now without buying further time on an experimental basis,” he said while talking to reporters in the district town on Friday.

Earlier, the Jatiya Party Chairman inaugurated the academic buildings of Giasuddin High School and Poet Sheikh Fazlul Karim Girls’ School.

Local Jatiya Party senior leaders and administrative officials were present.

The government shut the educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, on March 17, 2020 after the country had reported its first Covid-19 cases on March 8. Then the closure was extended several times. The latest extension to the closures is supposed to continue till August 31.

Different political parties and civil society members are mounting pressure on the government to reopen the educational institutions with strict health protocols in place since the students’ academic lives are being severely hampered.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

BAN vs. NZ T20I Series 2021: Bangladesh Squad Analysis

New Zealand cricket team will arrive in Bangladesh in the fourth week of August for a bilateral T20I series against Bangladesh, which will begin on September 1st. On Thursday (August 19), BCB revealed the squad for the series. BCB includes all of the expected names in the team for the next series. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has made young players a priority in the Twenty20 format. The Cricket Board appears to have a defined plan for the selection process, which is good for the team’s future growth. Take a look at Bangladesh’s squad for the BAN vs. NZ T20I Series 2021.

Bangladesh’s T20 Squad for BAN vs. NZ T20I Series 2021

BCB announced a 19-man squad on Thursday (August 19) for the Twenty20 series against New Zealand in September. The selectors have picked both Mushfiqur Rahim and Liton Das. They both missed the Australia series for breaching bio-bubble protocol. Tamim Iqbal was left off the list because he has yet to declare himself fit for selection.

The selectors also have picked leg-spinner Aminul Islam Biplob for the series, indicating that he has a chance to make the T20 World Cup team. We should expect spin-friendly surfaces for the New Zealand series. Selectors may include Biplob for the World Cup if he shows promise during the bilateral contest.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mithun Ali was not selected for the series. Lately, he was criticized for not being consistent enough to be a part of the Bangladesh squad. With the exception of him, all of the players that competed in the Australia series have been selected for the next home series.

Mahmudullah Riyad will be captaining the Bangladesh team. Liton is expected to open the innings with Mohammad Naim, with Mushfiqur at number four. Bangladesh will have a strong chance to win a T20 series against New Zealand since the Blackcaps will send a second-tier team.

Bangladesh Squad:

Mahmudullah Riyad (captain), Mohammad Naim, Liton Das, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Soumya Sarkar, Mosaddek Hossain, Afif Hossain, Nurul Hasan, Mahedi Hasan, Shamim Hossain, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed, Mohammad Saifuddin, Shoriful Islam, Taijul Islam, Nasum Ahmed, Aminul Islam

Probable Bangladesh XI for the first T20I

Mohammad Naim, Liton Das, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah Riyad (captain), Afif Hossain, Nurul Hasan, Mahedi Hasan, Mustafizur Rahman, Shoriful Islam, Nasum Ahmed

The Declared Squad’s Major Highlights

Mushfiqur and Liton have returned to the team

Mushfiqur Rahim and Liton Das were both unable to participate in the historic Twenty20 series against Australia earlier this month. Bangladesh went on to claim a 4-1 victory in the series. Mushfiqur had to leave the bio-bubble during his Zimbabwe tour due to his parent’s illness, and Liton Das had to leave the bubble for personal reasons.

Aminul Biplob is still on Selectors’ Radar

Aminul Islam Biplob made a fantastic debut in 2019, but he is yet to live up to expectations to earn a spot in the national squad. Though the selectors have not given up on him, they believe Aminul Biplob will be an important weapon for Bangladesh in the next series against New Zealand. Biplob may earn a spot in Bangladesh’s 15-man T20 World Cup squad if he performs well throughout the series.

The World Cup Team will be Picked From this Squad

All of the predicted names have been selected for the New Zealand series, with the exception of veteran Tamim Iqbal. BCB will select players from this group for the World Cup. So, all 20 players will give it their all in the forthcoming series in order to secure a spot in Bangladesh’s T20 World Cup 2021 team.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Bangladesh gets 7,81,440 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from Japan

Bangladesh has received 7,81,440 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Japan.

The vaccine doses arrived at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Saturday afternoon by a flight of Cathay Pacific.

With this shipment, the total amount of dispatched vaccines from Japan stands at over 2.4 million as of today.

This delivery is a part of Japan’s commitment to supplying over 3 million doses of vaccine under the WOHO-CVAX mechanism.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Japan Shahabuddin Ahmed was present at the airport during vaccine dispatch from Japan’s Narita International Airport Friday.

Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Naoki Ito, who handed over the 4th batch of vaccine doses to Bangladesh, said the gift from the people of Japan will reach 30 lakh doses as committed in next Saturday.

He said Japan will continue to stand by Bangladesh in its fight against COVID-19.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Aug 21 attack wouldn’t have been possible without then govt’s patronage: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said it was not possible to carry out an attack like that of August 21, 2004 had there been no direct patronage from then BNP-Jamaat government.

“They (BNP-Jamaat govt) thought that I had been killed (in the grenade attack), but when they came to know that I didn’t die they allowed four criminals to flee the country,” she said.

She said the then BNP-Jamaat government assembled the terrorists and militants for carrying out such an attack and gave them a safe passage to flee abroad.

Sheikh Hasina made the allegation while addressing a discussion marking the August 21, 2004 grenade attack.

Awami League organised the event at its Bangabandhu Avenue central office. The Prime Minister attended the event virtually from her official residence Ganobhaban.

“No one dared to dream that there would be arges grenade attack (on the rally) attempting to kill in broad daylight,” she said.

Recalling the barbaric carnage, Sheikh Hasina alleged that then Prime Khaleda Zia and her government staged grenade attack as killings is their habit.

She said that Bangabandhu killers Dalim and Rashid were among those criminals while the other two were militant Tajul and one jailer.

After the attack, she said, police lobbed teargas shells and charged baton on AL leaders and workers instead of rescuing the victims.

Hasina said even BNP-Jamaat-backed doctors did not attend the injured AL leaders and activists at Dhaka Medical College Hospital and no patient was allowed to enter Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Medical University.

Referring to some remarks made by Khaleda Zia before the grisly grenade attack and planting of twin bombs — one of 76 kg and another of 84 kg — in Kotalipara, the Prime Minister said, “Before every attack, Khaleda Zia used to say Awami League won’t be able to go to power in 100 years. And right before the grenade attack, she said even Sheikh Hasina would never be the leader of the opposition,” she said.

The then government destroyed the evidence of the gruesome attack while an army officer faced trouble as he wanted to preserve an unexploded grenade used in the attack, she said. “They tried to erase all the evidences of the attack.”

“And all know about a staged drama by the government,” she said pointing to the Joj Mia issue which was later proved false.

The Prime Minister said ruling BNP-Jamaat did not allow AL to discuss the matter in Parliament although many of the injured were MPs and she was the leader of the opposition.

She said that Almighty Allah repeatedly saved her from various types of attacks including the August 15 and August 24 to materialise something that only He knows.

Referring to the ongoing pandemic she said that the government always remains beside the people of the country as it strictly follows the ideology of Father of The Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“Inshallah, we will be able to establish developed and prosperous Golden Bangladesh that was dreamt by the Father of the Nation,” she said.

AL presidium member Matia Chowdhury, general secretary Obaidul Quader, joint secretary Dr. Hassan Mahmud, AL central working committee member Dr Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin, organising secretary SM Kamal Hossain, Dhaka South Unit of Awami League president Abu Ahmed Mannafi and Dhaka North Unit of Awami League president Sheikh Bazlur Rahman also spoke at the programme joined by senior leaders of the party.

The barbaric grenade attack was carried out on an anti-terrorism rally of Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on August 21, 2004 during the BNP-Jamaat government aiming to wipe out the AL leadership.

Twenty-four people, including then president of Mohila Awami League and late President Zillur Rahman’s wife Ivy Rahman, were killed and over 500 others suffered splinter injuries in the grisly attack and many of them became crippled for life.

Sheikh Hasina, the then opposition leader, narrowly escaped the attack but sustained hearing impairment due to the impact of the repeated grenade blasts near the truck-dais of the huge public rally. AL men saved her life creating a human shield surrounding her during the attack.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Covid-19: Bangladesh reports 120 more deaths, lowest in two months

Bangladesh logged 120 Covid-related deaths in 24 hours till Saturday morning, the lowest in about two months amid concern over the unlocking of the country from restrictions imposed to check the spread of the virus.

The country last saw 119 Coronavirus related deaths on June 27 and the upward curve of the fatalities reached its peak on August 5 and 10 with 264 deaths.

Besides, 3,991 more people came out positive with the virus after testing 23,882 samples during the last 24 hours, according to a handout issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The fresh number pushed the country’s total fatalities to 25,143 while the cases reached 1,457,194.

Meanwhile the case positivity rate fell to 16.71 % from Friday’s 17.18% , said the DGHS.

The country last recorded 16.38% daily case positivity rate on June 20.

The recovery rate rose to 93.02 %, but the case fatality increased to 1.73 % compared to the same period.

Among the new deaths, 40 died in the Dhaka division, 27 in Chattogram , 15 in Khulna, 13 Sylhet, nine in Rajshahi, seven in Rangpur, six in Mymensingh and three in Barishal division.

Of them 69 were male and 51 female.

The country is currently seeing around 170 deaths and 6,800 cases on a seven day average.

Meanwhile, the government managed to vaccinate 6,395,466 with two doses, while another 16,386,203 people have received the first dose to date, said DGHS.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Eight more die of Covid in Kushtia

Eight more people have died of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours at Kushtia General Hospital, health officials said on Saturday morning.

All the eight deceased were confirmed Covid patients and had been admitted to the hospital’s Covid unit.

Kushtia General Hospital official Md Mejbaul Alam said that the number of Covid deaths increased on Saturday as compared to that of Friday but the number of Covid-infected patients have decreased.

As of Saturday morning, the infection rate in Kushtia was 19.08 percent.

So far, 17,165 Covid-19 infected people have been identified in the district, of which 14,478 people have recovered and 693 died.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Stop repression on teachers, students: Zafrullah to govt

Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury on Saturday urged the government to stop repressing and harassing students and teachers to avert a dire consequence in case of change in power.

“Stop attacks on teachers and students and filing cases against them. Only then you won’t have to see the scene of Kabul that Asif Nazrul feared. Otherwise, it will not be a surprise to see the repetition of a Kabul-like situation in the country,” he told a protest rally.

Sachetan Nagarik Samaj, (conscious citizens’ group), arranged the programme in front of the National Museum in the capital’s Shahbagh area protesting Bangladesh Chhatra League’s (BCL’s) threat to Dhaka University Prof Asif Nazrul and obstruction to democratic programmes like meetings and rallies.

The rally was also meant for mounting pressure on the government to release the students and youth leaders arrested during their demonstrations against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s last visit to Bangladesh on March 26.

Dr Zafrullah, a freedom fighter, strongly protested padlocking the office room of Dhaka University Law Department Professor Asif Nazrul centering a Facebook status.

He warned that the nation may face disaster since it cannot show respect to a university teacher like Asif Nazrul.

Zafrullah said the government promised not to file any case against the students who took part in the safe-road movement, but cases remained pending for three years.

Besides, he said 54 students arrested for protesting against the arrival of Narendra Modi have not yet been granted bail. “This case should be withdrawn immediately.”

Nagorik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna said Chhatra League locked the room of Asif Nazrul though he did not mention the name of any person or party on his Facebook post. “They (BCL) are oppressors.”

He urged the Dhaka University proctor to lodge a complaint with Shahbagh Police Station against those padlocked Asif Nazrul’s office and bring them to justice.

Zonayed Saki, chief coordinator of Ganosaghati Andolon, said the current government is afraid of facing the similar future as the way people tried to escape at Kabul airport in Afghanistan.”They’ll meet the same fate after their fall. Otherwise, why do they feel so much heartburn with a Facebook status?

He said the government has enacted the Digital Security Act to suppress people and their voices. “This act must be annulled immediately.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Three bikers killed in Gaibandha crash

Three men were killed when a speeding bus hit their bike on the Dhaka-Rangpur highway in Gaibandha district on Friday night, police said.

The deceased were identified as Mahbur Hossain, Bhuttu Mia and Abdul Karim, all residents of Kalugari village in the district’s Gobindaganj upazila.

The accident occurred around 9.30pm on the high-speed corridor at Balua Taltola in Gobindaganj when the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and hit the bike.

The impact of the crash was such that the three bikers died on the spot. The bodies have been sent to the local hospital morgue for post-mortem, police said.

At least 2,329 people, including 291 women and 381 children, were killed and 4,361 others injured in 2,159 road accidents across the country in the first half of this year, according to a report published in July.

It says the road accidents took place on various highways, national, inter-district and regional roads between January 1 and June 30 across the country.

Shipping and Communication Reporters Forum (SCRF), a platform of journalists, prepared the report based on news carried by 22 national dailies, 10 regional newspapers and eight online news portals and news agencies.

Source: United News of Bangladesh