PMO inks performance agreement with 6 agencies, 1 project

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Wednesday signed Annual Performance Agreements (APAs) of 2021-22 fiscal year with its six agencies and Ashrayan-2 Project.

PM’s Principal Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus signed the agreements at a ceremony held at Karobi Hall in the PMO.

PMO Secretary Md Tofazzel Hossain Miah on behalf of the PMO and the chief executives of the six agencies and Project Director of Ashrayan-2 on behalf of their respective sides inked the annual performance agreements.

The six agencies are Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA), Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA), National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) and NGO Affairs Bureau.

Principal Coordinator (SDG Affairs) Zuena Aziz, BIDA executive chairman Md Sirazul Islam, BEZA executive chairman Paban chowdhury, CEO of PPPA Sultana Afroz, BEPZA executive chairman Major General Md Nazrul Islam, NSDA executive chairman Dulal Krishna Saha, NGO Affairs Bureau’s Director General KM Tariqul Islam and Project Director of Ashrayan-2 Md Mahbub Hossain were present.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Perfect Resume: 12 Effective Tips for writing professional CV

Resume are like the first screening for any job. This is the first step that you take as a prospective candidate for any position. Needless to say, a resume and its contents may make or break your chance of getting a job. Regardless of how skilled or passionate you may be, if your resume isn’t articulated properly and sequentially, you have narrow possibility of success. Here are some useful tips that you should follow to write a persuasive resume.

How to write a professional CV

Don’t Write Everything

One of the common mistakes of writing a resume is that people tend to make it as elaborate work history. It can confuse the selectors. You may have worked as a content writer back in your college days but that has nothing to do if you are applying for the position of saying a software engineer. In your CV, mention your job experiences that are relevant to the industry you’re applying to and in line with the position.

Highlight the Highlights of Your Career

There is a marketing term called ‘keeping things above the fold’. It refers to highlighting the important stuff so that it gets noticed easily. Among all your educational and work experiences, you should highlight the best ones. The key here is to showcase your achievement better for express consideration into the position.

Add a Supplementary Link

It’s alright to curtail a few information and keeping things above the fold. But in some cases, the job may require you to state detail information regarding your past experiences about job, cultural activities or social work. To prepare resume for such jobs, it would be better if you can have some ideas about that industry.

In such cases, we suggest you to build a portfolio website. A portfolio website can showcase all of your achievements as well as give a glimpse of your personal self. More importantly, you can simply add a link to your website in your resume.

Simplicity is the Key

You will see people knocking some of the fanciest resumes out there in terms of design. But let’s be honest; fancy designs won’t get you the job. It’s always the content of the paper that matters, not the paper itself. We suggest you keep things simple and easy to navigate. Simplicity is the key here as it will not only look professional but will also help the employers to navigate to the important part.

Carefully Include Your Contacts

Gone are the days when we used to see addresses in resumes. There is no need for that anymore. However, you should include a phone number and a professional personal email as your contact in the resume. In addition to that, you should include all the potential places where you can be found on the internet like Linkedin and Twitter.

Make it Easy-to-Skim

When you are applying for a position, keep in mind that you are not the only one who is applying. There will be hundreds and thousands of similar applicants and it’s safe to assume that not everything that you write in your CV will be read.

The reality is, your CV will get skimmed and they will try to understand what sets you apart and what relevant skills you have to offer.

Based on that, we suggest you make your CV skimmable. Write concise sentences that can give a broader perspective in a short phase.

Working on the bullet points

This point is in line with our previous point that the content of the resume should be skimmable. You may have worked a long time in a place with a lot of achievements, but that doesn’t mean you should include all of it.

An ideal section in a resume should have about 5 to 6 bullet points. Now it is up to you to curate the contents in a way to fit the ideal standard.

Avoid Technical Jargons

Do not use technical jargons to showcase how much you know about our work. You might feel that it will set you apart from the rest and show the depth of your knowledge. But, you should understand that the first person to read your CV might not be someone familiar with the technicalities like a recruiter o a high-level official.

We suggest you to avoid using technical jargons while writing a resume. It’s better to design the CV in a way that it’s understood by all.

Include Numbers

There’s nothing like numbers to back up your claims. Whether it is to show how many clients you have served or your contribution to the development of your organization. Numbers and figures turn heads and give a recruiter a concrete idea about the impact that you can have on the company. With that said, don’t overcompensate with numbers. Keep things clean and professional. Remember that the recruiters are looking for a CV, not info-graphics.

Education or Experience

One might often think that education is what sets a prospective employee above the rest. It may be true in a certain sense, but it is almost solely limited to entry-level jobs. We suggest you to highlight your experience before your education. Your hands-on experience in a similar setup will go a long way to ascertain your credibility than your GPA.

Include Extra Skills

The pandemic has created a lot of free time for office goers. We hope you used the time wisely to rack up some skills through online courses. Show off your skills and certifications in your resume as they will be added to your skillset, particularly the ones that are directly involved with your industry.


One of the common mistakes in any resume is well, grammatical errors. Avoid them at any cost. We mean seriously, this point can’t be overemphasized. No matter how good your resume might be, if it has a typo or grammatical mistake, it will only drive down your credibility.

Take a good look for 5 to 10 times before you submit your resume anywhere and make sure it’s compliant with all the requirements.

Bottom Line

A concrete resume is like getting half the job done in job hunting. So far we have suggested some effective and practical topics to write professional curriculum vitae (CV). We hope these tips will help you to better write your resume and secure that job you’ve been eyeing.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

BCL Football: Agrani Bank beat Farashganj 2-1

Agrani Bank Sporting Club defeated Farashganj Sporting Club 2-1 in the second phase match of the 12-team Bangladesh Championship League (BCL) Football 2020-21 Wednesday.

Titu opened the scoring for the winners in the ninth minute (1-0), while Farashganj’s Rajon neutralised the threat in the 11th minute (1-1) at the Kamalapur Stadium.

However, Rahman scored the match-winner for Agrani Bank in the 64th minute (2-1).

In Wednesday’s other match, Uttara Football Club outplayed Victoria SC 4-0 at the same venue.

Hasan struck twice in the 18th and 28th minutes (2-0); Sakib scored the third goal in the 73rd minute (3-0) while Masud sealed the fate of the match, scoring the fourth goal (4-0) in the stoppage time (90+2 minute).

On Tuesday, Fakirerpool Youngmen’s Club earned a facile 4-1 victory over NoFel Sporting Club; Dhaka City FC drew 1-1 with Fortis Football Club at the same venue.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Lockdown: DRU urges law enforcers to cooperate with media people

Dhaka Reporters’ Unity (DRU) on Wednesday urged the law enforcement agencies and other authorities concerned to cooperate with the media people in discharging their professional duties during the strict lockdown set to be enforced from Thursday.

In a statement, DRU president Mursalin Nomani and general secretary Mosiur Rahman Khan also urged the media workers to carry their press cards while performing their duties.

They said the government is going to impose tough restrictions across the country from July 1 to prevent the upsurge of coronavirus infections.

The DRU leaders said the government in its notification issued on Wednesday listed mass media as ‘emergency services’ during the restrictions.

“However, in the context of past experience, it can be seen that media workers in different parts of the country, including Dhaka, have been subjected to various forms of harassment while performing their professional duties (during such restrictions,” the statement said.

Under the circumstances, the DRU leaders called upon the law enforcement agencies and the authorities concerned to cooperate and play a responsible role so that the journalists and employees of newspapers, television and news portals are not subjected to any kind of harassment.

They also requested the media workers help the members of the law enforcement agencies carry out their professional duties.

Earlier in the day, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam told reporters that the journalists have been asked to cover their assignments after hanging their ID cards and they can move in the city to perform their duties during the seven-day tough lockdown.

“Police won’t obstruct them. They can also use vehicles provided by their respective offices,” he added.

The government is all set to enforce a weeklong countrywide strict lowdown from Thursday in a bid to control the growing Covid infections.

All public movement, except emergency services, will be restricted during the lockdown by deploying the members and army and other law enforcement agencies.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

What Bangladesh Cricket Fans Can Expect From Herath and Prince?

Sri Lanka’s spinning legend Rangana Herath and former Proteas international Ashwell Prince have joined Bangladesh’s national team coaching staff

Bangladesh team arrived in Zimbabwe on Wednesday (30 June) to play a bilateral series that included Tests, ODI, and T20I. Bangladesh added two more newly appointed coaching staff for this tour. Sri Lankan Rangana Herath has been named as the spin coach, while South African Ashwell Prince has been appointed as the batting consultant. Bangladesh already have Russell Domingo as head coach, Ottis Gibson as pace bowling coach, and Ryan Cook as fielding coach. National team players should perform better on the international stage with this current coaching setup. This article discusses what Bangladesh cricket fans can expect from Herath and Prince.

Things Rangana Herath will be expected to do as Spin Coach

Former Sri Lankan international Rangana Herath has taken over as Bangladesh’s spin coach from Daniel Vettori. He’ll be in charge of the spinners until the T20 World Cup, which is set to begin in October this year.

One of the main obstacles with Daniel Vettori was language. Players had a hard time understanding his lessons despite having a translator on hand to help. Another important factor was the culture. Vettori wasn’t completely familiar with the culture and mindset of this part of the world. Sometimes he couldn’t figure out what the players really wanted from him?

In such scenarios, Rangana Herath would be a lot better choice for coaching Bangladeshi fringe players. We’ve seen previously how Chandika Hathurusinghe transformed Bangladesh’s national team and was able to get the best out of his players.He knew how to encourage players to perform at their best on the field because he understood their psyche.

Similarly, as a sub-continent player, Herath is fully acquainted with the mentality of the players and what motivates them to perform better on the field. Herath may give players a one-on-one lesson in which he can share his knowledge and properly advise them.

Herath may work with the upcoming talents who have the potential to represent Bangladesh in the near future. His presence would be extremely beneficial to the next generation of cricketers.

Bangladesh cricket fans hope that Herath would become more involved in the country’s culture and offer his priceless insights into the country’s raw talent. It will be beneficial for Herath as well if he succeeds.

Things Ashwell Prince will be expected to do as Batting Consultant

During his stint as a batting adviser for Bangladesh’s national team, Neil McKenzie had a great time. Opener Liton Das openly admitted how Neil McKenzie helped him develop into a good batsman. For the Zimbabwe series, McKenzie’s compatriot Ashwell Prince has been assigned to a similar role. BCB may extend his contract depending on how well he does on the tour.

How can Ashwell Prince impress the BCB and earn a long-term contract with the cricket board? First and foremost, Prince must dig into the root causes of Bangladesh’s failure to perform as expected in the T20 format. Bangladesh are desperate for big hitters in the shortest form of the game. Unfortunately, no one has yet shown genuine potential, so the hunt continues.

Ashwell Prince can inspire younger players to improve their mentality in the twenty20 format. Then he can teach them everything they need to know to succeed as a power hitter in this format. If the players respond by taking appropriate lessons from him, his appointment will be deemed beneficial.

In the case of Test cricket, Bangladesh players must have patience and an awareness of the longer version format. They lack understanding of the importance of playing multiple sessions as a batsman because that is the beauty of Test cricket. Batters must have the mindset of putting all of their energy and passion into the game in order to succeed.

Another crucial factor is to develop the mindset of shifting focus from one format to another. Bangladesh cricket fans would be pleased if Ashwell Prince can bring consistency to the players’ batting approach.


The BCB selectors named three separate teams for Test, ODI, and T20 formats for the forthcoming Zimbabwe tour. Each format has its own traits, and players must understand how to play in each one. Coaches have a critical role in this. It is important to identify player’s shortcomings through developing relationships with them and offering assistance on how to perform to their full potential. Bangladesh cricket fans will have this expectations from both Herath and Prince.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

100-metre stretch of Sirajganj town protection dam washed away

One hundred metres of Sirajganj city’s protective dam collapsed into the Jamuna River Tuesday, near the old Jailkhana Ghat area.

The dam started giving away in the morning which raised panic among the locals.

After that additional police members were deployed at the spot.

Sub Divisional engineer of local Water Development Board, Md Nasir Uddin said due to heavy rain, increased water level of Jamuna River created whirlpools under the barrier dam.

Heavy rain from the morning added to the condition causeing the massive collapse in the damn, he said

Dumping geobags and CC blocks have proved ineffective in mitigating the breakage.

ANgry locals blamed the Water Development Board’s negligence for the condition of the dam.

However, WDB officials pointed out the extreme current of the river and soil erosion for this incident, claiming routine surveys had been conducted by them.

Deputy Commissioner of the district Dr Faruque Ahmed asked for all-out measures to prevent any massive collapse after visiting the area.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Int’l peace conference in Nov marking Bangabandhu’s birth centenary: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday told Parliament that Bangladesh will host a two-day international peace conference in November next, marking the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“The Foreign Ministry has already started taking its preparations to arrange this conference in Dhaka on November 4 and 5, 2021,” she said, replying to a tabled question from ruling Awami League MP Mozaffar Hossain (Jamalpur-5) in the House.

The Prime Minister said a declaration titled ‘Dhaka Peace Declaration’ will be adopted in the conference.

She also said the issue of giving ‘Bangabandhu Peace Award’ is under the consideration of the government. “But no specific decision has been taken yet in this regard.”

About the two-day conference, Hasina said the government has already approved a proposal for arranging the event as part of the celebration of the birth centenary.

“With this conference, I believe, it’ll be possible to widely spread Bangabandhu’s outstanding contributions to the establishment of global peace and the welfare of humanity,” said Hasina, also the Leader of the House.

A number of panel discussions with the participation of the dignitaries who are engaged in the noble works in different countries of the world for the establishment of peace, as well as public and private officials concerned, educationists, journalists and intellectuals will be held, she mentioned.

In the two-day conference, the works and philosophy of Bangabandhu will be discussed alongside revisiting his noble initiatives he had taken as a pioneer of world peace and humanity, she said.

To make the conference a success, Hasina said a 42-member convening committee was formed with Speaker of the Jatiya Sangsad Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury as its president and Chairperson of the National Advisory Committee on Autism, Saima Wazed as the convener.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Khaleda has to seek presidential pardon to go abroad, says law minister

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has to first confess her corruption offense and seek pardon from the president before she can be allowed to go abroad for medical treatment, Law Minister Anisul Haq said on Wednesday.

Khaleda has no other alternative but to confess her guilt and seek mercy to the president if she wants to go abroad, the minister said in parliament.

This is the only legal way open to her, the lawyer-turned-politician said throwing a challenge that he will quit his profession if anyone can show another legal means.

Anisul was responding to allegations from two BNP legislators that the government is not allowing the former prime minister to leave the country for receiving better medical treatment because of political reason.

Speaking on the cut motion during the passage of the budget for 2021-22 fiscal, BNP lawmakers Harunur Rashid and Mosharof Hosen demanded that the government allows Khaleda to get treatment abroad.

The law minister said Khaleda’s family members had applied for her release to take her abroad for treatment.

“But in their application, they did not mention any provision of the law,” he said.

In this connection, he mentioned that the government considered an earlier appeal under 401 of penal code and suspended her corruption sentences and released her on two conditions.

The two conditions were that she will receive treatment at home staying in the country.

“They (Khaleda Zia’s family) accepted it. They took Begum Zia home from jail,” he added.

Pointing to BNP leaders’ repeated appeal to send Khaleda abroad, the law minister said that once an application is disposed of, it cannot be reconsidered.

“They have applied and got her released abiding by certain conditions. Now they are saying that she has to go abroad and applied accordingly. That application is final (disposed of). No one else can do anything about it. That application has been disposed of under section 401,” the law minister said.

He also said that there are six sub-sections in the law.

“If you [BNP MPs] can show under those sub-sections that you will be able to apply again [to take Khaleda abroad], then I will not be in the legal profession anymore,” he challenged.

Pointing to provisions of the law to free Khaleda, the law minister said that any convicted person has to be released through the law.

“There is a way–they can apologise to the President or to the government admitting the guilt under section 401. If they ask for forgiveness, they can consider forgiving.”

Referring to Khaleda’s treatment, he said she was at Evercare Hospital where she received proper care.

The law minister urged the BNP to stop doing meaningless political stunt regarding Khaleda’s treatment.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

BGMEA chief wants extension of Industrial Police zones

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) President Faruque Hassan has requested the Industrial Police chief to consider extending zones of the specialised unit of the Bangladesh Police to Uttarkhan, Dakshinkhan, Mirpur, Malibagh, Rampura and Badda where some apparel factories are operating.

Additional Inspector General of Industrial Police Shafiqul Islam and Faruque Hassan had a meeting at the BGMEA office Wednesday on the law and order situation in the RMG industry during the Covid-19 period and ahead of Eid-ul Azha.

Faruque thanked the Industrial Police for providing its support and cooperation to the readymade garment (RMG) industry by assuring security and a peaceful atmosphere in the sector through maintaining law and order.

The BGMEA chief also praised the role of the Industrial Police in maintaining harmonious industrial relations between factory owners and workers.

Shafiqul Islam said the Industrial Police has been working round the clock to maintain peace and ensure security in the industrial areas.

He also assured that the Industrial Police would extend all-out support and cooperation to the RMG industry.

BGMEA Senior Vice-President SM Mannan (Kochi), Vice-President Md Shahidullah Azim, Vice-President (Finance) Khandoker Rafiqul Islam and Vice-President Md Nasir Uddin and directors were also present at the meeting.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Industrial Police Md Mahbubur Rahman, Additional DIG AKM Awlad Hossain, Superintendent of Police (Operations and Intelligence) Shoaib Ahmed, SPs of Industrial Police-1, Ashulia Zone, Industrial Police Zone-2, Gazipur, Industrial Police Zone-4 and Narayanganj also joined the meeting.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

UEFA Euro 2020: Meet the Quarter-Finalists

The first knockout round of the ongoing EURO 2020 tournament came to an end on Wednesday, June 30th. The Round of 16 featured some thrilling encounters and finally, eight teams have qualified for the quarterfinals of this year European Championship. Hot favorite Belgium knocked out reigning champion Portugal, while Switzerland stunned 2018 World Cup winner France in a penalty shootout. Therefore, we can expect more exciting matches in the quarter-finals stage. The second knockout round of the competition will start on July 2nd (Friday). The teams who qualified for the UEFA EURO 2020 quarterfinals and fixtures has been discussed in this article.

UEFA EURO 2020 Quarter-Finalists

Eight teams have qualified for the quarterfinals in the 16th edition of the European Football Championship. Let’s see who have advanced to the second knock-out round of the tournament.

Wales vs. Denmark

There was a lot of expectation from Gareth Bale’s Wales side prior to their Round of 16 clash against Denmark. But Wales were comprehensively outplayed by Denmark in the Amsterdam stadium in the Netherlands, and eventually lost 4-0. The game was fairly one-sided, as Denmark took complete control after taking an early lead. Denmark’s top player was Kasper Dolberg, who scored two goals in the 27th and 48th minutes.

Italy vs Austria

Result: Italy win 2-1(Extra Time)

The four-time World Cup champion Italy had a fantastic time in the group stage but labored in their first knockout round encounter against Austria. Italy had to play extra time to qualify for the quarter-finals. Federico Chiesa (95) and Matteo Pessina (105) both scored in the 2-1 victory for Italy over Austria.

Netherlands vs Czech Republic

Result: Czech Republic win 2-0

The Czech Republic upset the Netherlands in the Round of 16 with a 2-0 victory. The Netherlands were expecting a comprehensive victory, but the Czech Republic had other ideas, and they were keen to make a statement in the encounter. However, the Czech Republic had the advantage after Matthijs de Light’s red card in the 55th minute.

Belgium vs Portugal

Result: Belgium win 1-0

Belgium midfielder Throgan Hazard’s stunning goal rocked the reigning European Champion Portugal and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Hazard’s lone goal in the 42nd minute was enough to knock Portugal out of the competition.

Croatia vs Spain

Result: Spain win 5-3 (Extra Time)

It was one of the most thrilling Round of 16 games. Croatia surprisingly leveled the score in injury time, but ultimately lost the match 5-3 after extra time. The 2010 World Cup champion Spain now seems to have a good chance to reach the final.

France vs Switzerland

Result: Switzerland win 5-4 (Penalty shootout)

It was the most shocking result in the Round of 16 stage because France were the favorite to win this year’s European tournament. First and foremost, scoring three goals against France was a significant accomplishment, and later Switzerland went on to win the match in a penalty shootout.

England vs Germany

Result: England win 2-0

This English national team is regarded as one of the best in their football history, therefore there is a lot of expectation from the British fans. The ‘Three Lions’ beat Germany 2-0 in the tournament’s first knockout stage, thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane.

Sweden vs Ukraine

Result: Ukraine win 2-1 (Extra Time)

Ukraine emerged victorious in the final Round of 16 fixtures on Tuesday. They have advanced to the quarterfinals after defeating Sweden 2-1 in extra time. Ukraine will face one of the favorites England in the next round.

Bottom Line

We saw several upsets in the UEFA EURO 2020 round of 16, which makes the tournament even more intriguing for everyone. Among the hot favorites, only Belgium and England still remain in the competition. However, we can anticipate the deserving national team to win the trophy in the end.There will not be easy games in the quarterfinals. The teams must give it their all to advance to the semi-finals.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Pvt companies’ 12-kg LPG to be costlier

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has refixed the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) of private companies at retail level with effect from July 1.

As per the new price, the private companies will have to sell 12-kg LPG at Tk 891 instead of the current price of Tk 842.

The regulatory body refixed the price adjusting with Saudi Contract Price (CP).

The price of LP Gas Company Ltd, a state-owned company, will remain the same at Tk 591 for 12.5 kg LPG as it has no relation with Saudi CP.

In refixing the price, the value of per kg of LPG was considered to be Tk 70.24, including VAT, and such price will be applicable for refixing the price of other weighed containers.

The other quantity’s LPG will be selling at higher prices to be fixed rationally.

The auto gas price was also refixed at 44 per litre against the current price of Tk 41.47 under the price adjustment procedure.

“This price will be applicable for the month of June until further adjustment in the Saudi CP,” said BERC Md Abdul Jalil while announcing the new price through a virtual briefing on Wednesday.

“The private companies’ LPG price was refixed on the basis of Saudi CP,” he told reporters.

Normally Saudi biggest oil company Armaco announces its CP for bulk LPG at the concluding state of every month for the next month’s transactions.

Most of Bangladeshi private companies import their bulk LPG from the Middle East on the basis of Saudi CP and market it in the country.

The BERC for the first time fixed the retail level LPG price on April 12 after holding a public hearing to comply with a High Court order.

About 20 private companies have been operating in the market with more than 95 per cent market share by annually importing 1.2 million metric tons of bulk LPG from mainly the Middle East while the state-owned LP Gas Company is locally producing 25,000 MTs of LPG from locally-produced condensates at different gas fields.

Responding to a question, the BERC chairman said they have requested some administrative ministries to take action against the retail sellers who do not abide by the regulator’s price.

He said the BERC is unable to take punitive action against the violators of law due to non-framing of required regulations by the Energy Division.

Source: United News of Bangladesh

Violation of lockdown rules to invite legal action, warns DMP

Urging people not to get out of homes without any valid reason during the seven-day tough lockdown, DMP Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam on Wednesday said the violators of its rules will face legal action leading to arrest and imprisonment.

“This time the police will take tough action against the violators. We’ve preparations to arrest 5,000 people or more a day from the capital, if needed. Then we’ll send them to jail and produce before court,” said the DMP Commissioner.

He came up with both the advice and warning while talking to reporters at DMP Media Centre.

Replying to a question, Shafiqul, said, “No motorised vehicle will be allowed to ply roads but rickshaws can move enabling people to deal with emergency causes like buying daily essentials, medicines and taking patients to hospitals. No one will be allowed to use a rickshaw for roaming or visiting relatives’ houses.”

Asked about the media people’s movement, the DMP chief, said the journalists have been asked to cover their assignments after hanging their ID cards and they can move in the city to perform their duties.

“Police won’t obstruct them. They can also use vehicles provided by their respective offices,” he added.

Responding to another query, the DMP commissioner said police patrolling will be increased on main roads as well as in alleys of the city.

No shop will be allowed to open as kitchen markets will be set up in open places for avoiding public gatherings so that people can easily buy everything, he added.

Check-posts will be set up at the entrance and exit points of Dhaka city and other important points, and the monitoring will be strengthened, Shafiqul said.

In some cases, necessary action will be taken under the Traffic Act, and cases will be filed under section 269, the DMP chief said.

About driving private vehicles, the DMP Commissioner said, “No private vehicle will be allowed to ply roads but those which have got approval from the government will be permitted to move.”

Besides, he said, the relatives of returnees from abroad have no need to go to airports. In that case, the returnees have been advised to hire vehicles from airports and go to their respective destinations, Shafiqul added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh