PM Hasina warns of conspiracies to disturb stability in Bangladesh


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday blasted those who argue for an unelected government, saying that many conspiracies would be hatched to disturb the current stability in the country.

“Now there'll be many sorts of conspiracy to spoil a stable environment. But I believe in the people and work for them. Our goal is to serve the country,” she said.

The premier said this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the month-long Amar Ekushey Book Fair-2023, the annual event of booklovers and publishers, in the capital.

She opened the country’s biggest book fair in the afternoon, joining its inaugural ceremony in person on the Bangla Academy premise after a gap of three years induced by Covid-19 pandemic.

Hasina said there are some ‘wise persons and scientists’ in the country who argue that bringing an unelected government to power for two years won’t make the earth shake.

“It is right that it will not make the Mahabharata incorrect. But it will make our constitution incorrect,” she said.

Noting that there was an unelected government during the 2007-2008, she questioned who gained at that time.

The PM said her government took steps to continue the democratic process. Bangladesh has witnessed development thanks to the continuation of the democratic trend.

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“Since we brought the 15th amendment to the constitution, stability now prevails in Bangladesh,” she said.

She said her government has been able to keep the wheels of the country’s economy moving facing all natural and manmade disasters.

“Now stability prevails in the country. I think some people are there who don’t feel comfortable with the stability in the country. If anyone wishes to come to power, the person should stand in line with the people, join elections and seek votes. If the people choose them, they will be in power,” she said.

About electoral reforms, Hasina mentioned the steps taken by her government to make the balloting fair. She said transparent ballot boxes and national identity cards have been introduced and electoral rolls with photographs prepared as per the proposals placed by her party and alliance so that the people would exercise their voting rights peacefully and freely.

In an oblique reference to BNP’s victory in 30 constituencies out of 300 in the 2008 general election, she said “How will those who got only 30 seats (in 2008 election) will get seats?”

She said her party gained public support through its work.

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The PM said her government built Digital Bangladesh which brought benefits, but it has some bad impacts. “I want you to take a decision knowing the actual scenario, not based on what you see or hear (on digital platforms),” she said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh