Parliamentarians demand action against those failing to render prompt services

Parliamentarians airing their voices in today's meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) have demanded action against the state agencies failing to provide services to service-seekers within 24 hours of them approaching for service.

While participating in the general deliberations on the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year 2023/24, Hrishikesh Pokharel said that instead of providing prompt and swift service to public, the State agencies are dillydallying and avoiding delivering services under various pretexts. Thus, he viewed, that such agencies should be brought to book.

Similarly, Tshering Lyamu Tamang extended gratitude to the federal government for allocation of adequate budget for the Karnali Province in the upcoming fiscal year and urged for its implementation. "To prioritize hydro resources, tourism, social security, forests, agriculture in the budget means to make country self-reliant in agriculture. The budget ought to accord more priority to productive programmes," Tamang said.

It may be noted that the incumbent government introduced Rs 1.751 trillion budget for the fiscal year 2023/24 on May 29. And general deliberation on the same is being held in parliament since June 5.

Parliamentarian Javez Khatun Janga remarked that the budget was positive. According to him, each Nepali household should have employment for development and prosperity. "We have come to parliament representing a certain community. The Muslim community is barely considered in the budget. Why was there no budget for Madarasa education?", he questioned, drawing the attention of the government to allocate budget for the same.

Sunita Baral appealed to the Finance Minister to review the current expenditure. Stating that there was adequate budget in the education sector, she emphasized monitoring whether the budget was appropriately implemented.

Kusumdevi Thapa viewed that the government prioritizing promotion of domestic products in the budget was a positive thing. Mahesh Basnet called for compensation and relief packages to farmers, who, according to him, were suffering huge loss in their harvest due to various reasons.

Sapana Rajbhandari argued that cutting down on budget in health sector could adversely affect citizens. Basudev Ghimire commented that the budget was allocated at the behest of some individual's access and influence.

Parliamentarians Rukmeni Rana Baraili, Damodar Poudel Bairagi and Amrit Lal Rajbanshi also presented their respective voices on the budget.

The HoR is meeting next on Thursday, June 8 at 11:00 am.

Source: National News Agency