Over 5,000 cases of banking fraud, financial crime registered in Kathmandu Valley

A total of 5,312 cases related to banking fraud and financial crime have been registered in Kathmandu Valley.

According to the District Police Range, Kathmandu, the highest cases have been registered in banking fraud and financial crime in Kathmandu Valley in current fiscal year.

Spokesperson of the Range and Superintendent of Police, Sitaram Rijal, said out of 9,256 cases registered in Kathmandu Valley in the current fiscal year, more than half are of banking fraud and financial crime.

He shared most of the cases under banking fraud and financial crimes are related to cheque bounce, dollar exchange, and lottery in recent period.

Range Chief Senior Superintendent of Police Dan Bahadur Karki mentioned that around 35-40 cases related to baking fraud and financial crime are registered in the Range every day, adding cases of banking fraud and organised and financial crime have increased in Kathmandu Valley in recent period.

Source: National News Agency-Nepal