Opportunity to learn about law making: Chair Pantha


Kathmandu: Chairman of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee under the National Assembly, Prakash Pantha, observed that the parliamentary term he had in the NA was an opportunity to learn various aspects of law making. Issuing a press statement on Sunday, Chairman Pantha informed that he got constitutional responsibility from 2074BS to 2080BS Falgun 20. His six year term is expiring today itself. "I've felt historic pride at this moment. I will utilize my learning and experience for the country and people. I try my best to connect parliament, government and people hereafter as well," he said. He further pledged to continue his role for building policy, law and system. Good governance will is his priority, Pantha reminded. Pantha however said the activities being forwarded by the State were still slow off the mark to meet people's expectation. "Although we have progressive constitution and system, we're yet to do a lot to address people's need," Pantha said, pointing out the need of kee ping intact the political unity that had brought constitution and new system. Source: National News Agency Nepal