Nagma-Gamgadhi road obstructed due to snow


The Nagma-Gamgadhi section of the Karnali highway has been obstructed due to the incessant snowfall. The Road Division Office, Jumla had opened vehicular movement on this section a week back by removing snow. The road section has been blocked again by snow as it started to snow in the high-altitude areas and to rain in the low-lying valleys since Friday. Outbound vehicles from Mugu and the in-bound ones from outside districts have been stranded due to the obstruction of the road. Snow has accumulated at Jhadnaula, Satmod, Ghuchchi Lek, Siptichaur and Bulbule on the Mugu-Jumla border, blocking the road, said Dipendra Bista, the Chief of the Road Division Office, Jumla. According to him, the snow will be cleared from the road using excavator and mobilizing the road workers with the improvement of weather. Issuing a public notice, the Office has urged people to refrain from traveling on this section of the Karnali highway except in emergency cases and to travel in such case only by adopting safety measures. Source: National News Agency Nepal