Mugu avalanche update: Search operation getting tougher due to thick snow

Search for those missing in the avalanche at Chyankhulek in Karmarod rural municipality of Mugu was getting tougher due to thick pile-up of snow.

The search operation has not taken stride due to snow. The area has been covered with over 10-feet thick snow.

Tara Singh Sarki, 40, Punna Sarki, 35, and Bir Bohora, 35, of Patarasi rural municipality-2, Talfi village went missing in avalanche at Chyankhulek on May 5 while they were on the way to pick Yarsa.

The search for the missing has been intensified since last Tuesday but it has become tougher to find the missing due to dense snow, DSP Mohan Bahadur Basnet informed.

A team of 23 security personnel and rescuers were taken to the avalanche site on May 7 through a chopper of Nepal Army for search and rescue.

The security team has set up a camp at Chhapakhola nearby the incident site to ease the search operation. The security personnel has not yet been able to reach to the incident site.

DSP Basnet said the team would continue with their efforts today for the search and rescue. Snowfall is continuing in the area so it has become difficult to reach the site, he said. ---

Source: National News Agency Nepal