Long march to Kathmandu for pollution-free Sirsiya

The Chure and Forest Protection Campaign has started a foot match from Birgunj to Kathmandu to make the Sirsia river of Parsa free of pollution.

Campaigners have started a walk under the leadership of campaign coordinator Sunil Yadav with the aim of exerting pressure on the government to make the Sirsia river pollution-free, activist Sarojrai Yadav. The campaigners are carrying water from the polluted Sirsia river to be taken to the federal capital.

The foot march that began from Birganj will reach Kathmandu on the 11th day and the campaigners are going to pour water they have carried from the Sirsia river in front of Singh Durbar. There is also a plan to stage a sit-in at Maitighar to draw the attention of the authorities concerned.

The Sirsia River is getting polluted reportedly due to the waste water released from the industries of the Parsa-Bara Industrial Corridor.

Mayor of Birgunj Metropolitan City, Rajeshman Singh, said the goal of the metropolis is to make the Sirsia river garbage-free and hence is monitoring the industries that were directly mixing waste and chemical water into the river.

Direct action will be taken against the industrialists who are not abiding by the rules in terms of waste management.

Source: National News Agency-Nepal