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Khotang prepares for next-round of booster dose against COVID-19

Khotang, a hilly district in the Koshi Province, has prepared for administering a booster dose of COVID-19. The district-level Covid- 19 Vaccine Coordination Committee decided to give a booster dose to those who have already completed six months of receiving the first or both shots.

District Health Office Chief Punya Prasad Sigdel said they are prepared for providing an additional dose to 14,340 people through 240 vaccination centers in two municipalities and eight rural municipalities in the district. The campaign will conclude on May 21.

Citizens above 55, health professionals, female health volunteers, people with chronic disease who are above 12 and people with low immune system and who missed the booster shot earlier are the target groups this time.

It is said 6,000 people in the district were given COVID-19 booster doses in between April 9 and May 2. According to the National Census, 2078 BS, district's population is 206,312 and of them, 107,042 have already got the full-course of the vaccine. Fifteen people succumbed to the virus during its epidemic.

Most of COVID-19 hospitals established during the epidemic in Khotang have remained closed at the moment. Such facilities in Halesi Tuwachung municipality and Rawabensi and Sakela rural municipalities are operational as general hospitals. ---

Source: National News Agency