Job opportunities in Australia: Work from Bangladesh to Australia

Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESEL) is offering Bangladeshi jobs in the ICT sector in Australia. Under the management of BOESEL and under the supervision of Australian company Sterning Group, Australia, IT specialists will be employed in the IT sector in various Australian companies to perform virtual work in Bangladesh as IT specialists.

This information has been given in a notification of Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESEL). A total of 60 people will be hired in four different positions in various IT companies in Australia, the statement said. Of these, 10 will be Pega Developers or Engineers, 10 will be PHP or Symphony Developers, 10 will be Sales force Developers and 10 will be Dot Net Developers. Initially, you have to work in these positions in Bangladesh. Job skills are satisfactory but there are also opportunities to go to Australia.

You have to work 40 hours a week in all positions. To apply for the first three positions, one must have two years of work experience in the relevant field and be able to write and speak English fluently. And to apply for the position of .net developer, you need to have five years of work experience.

The annual salary of a Pega developer or engineer ranges from Tk 79,19,600 to Tk 1,3,56,400. Salary for PHP or Symphony developer from 6 lakh 92 thousand taka to 79 lakh 19 thousand 600 taka per annum.

The annual salary of Salesforce Developer is from 79 lakh 19 thousand 600 taka to 91 lakh 36 thousand Bangladeshi taka. The annual salary of dot net developer is from 8 lakh 1 thousand 200 taka to 69 lakh 19 thousand 600 taka in Bangladeshi taka.

This rate will be paid annually after the final appointment to the four positions and after moving to Australia.

However, while in Bangladesh, the salary will be paid in Bangladeshi TK. per hour and the salary will be determined subject to discussion during the interview. The final recruits will have to first stay in Bangladesh and work under the relevant Australian company. If the performance is satisfactory, you will get the opportunity to go to Australia and will get a job under that company.

Source: United News of Bangladesh